Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween weekend fun :)

We just wrapped up a weekend of fun! My parents and grandpa came to town to celebrate with the cutest little Glitterfish you've ever seen. :)

Here she is ready for the Pumpkin Fest in downtown Franklin.
"I got gwasses." :)

She was such a ham! :)

Posing with Mama and Daddy

Cousin Knox was there! :)

Sweet cousin kisses :)

Today, Addie enjoyed an owl cupcake! She took one look at it and said, "Emmmaneeemmsss." :) Even though they were Reese's, she did not mind at all. :)

Her hands are not baby hands anymore. :(

Kisses for Mama :)

Daddy carved her an Elmo pumpkin. Can you tell she was excited?! :)

I carved the one with her name in it. She loved practicing spelling her name when she was looking at it. Leave it to Mama to make pumpkin carving educational. :)

Pumpkins :)

Family pic after an evening of fun :)

A pic with Nonna and Papa :)

... and Bob! :)

Looking forward to more fun with our little fish tomorrow on Halloween!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday Thoughts...

I've got to get to bed or Hitler my friend will be terribly upset with me for not meeting her at the gym in the morning... but I have to mention a few things.

Addie loves Elmo. She's borderline obsessed.
Sadly, her Daddy and I are starting to like the little guy, too. He loves his goldfish and his crayons... and we do, too.

She's become quite the traveler. In the past few weeks, we've gone to Memphis (twice), Natchez, Hattiesburg, Knoxville, and Biloxi. Whew! That's a lot of miles with a toddler in tow. She did really well considering how many hours we've been in the car... next trip? We're flying. :) Sweet.

Addie thinks my mom's cats hung the moon. She sat... I mean, she squatted and watched Rusty eat every time he came to the door. Thankfully, he can tolerate her. He's not the most social cat in the world.

She was SMITTEN with these pumpkins at a festival in MS. She spotted them from a mile away! She kept saying "Mickimouse, Miinnnnneee." She loves those guys. The only thing better would have been an Elmo pumpkin. Our pumpkin may have to be Elmo this year...

Her main concern at the pumpkin patch was that each of us had our own little pumpkin. It was super sweet. :) I had a "proud mama" moment.

Those eyes are still my favorite. :)

My girl loves the park. She is fearless. I know good and well she doesn't get that from her pansy Mama... that one is all Jackson. The people at our neighborhood park couldn't believe she was only 21 months. She loves to climb, loves to swing, and LOVES to slide! She insists on doing it by herself. We hear "I do it" a lot these days. We're looking forward to one of those random 75 degree days soon so we can go back to the park!

I mean, really.
She's ridiculously cute. I cannot resist that grin and those wonky teeth!
I love her. She loves me.
All is well in the world. :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011


 How much do we love this little girl?

I don't know if we can explain it.

Our hearts are full.
Everything around us... life's worries and trials and to-do lists...
all seems to disappear when we focus on her.
Thank you, Jesus, for this picture of Your Love.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

First time at the Rock!

Sweet Addie got to take her first trip to Hattiesburg for a Golden Eagles football game! She had a great time! We got to see Southern Miss take on Rice. The weather was beautiful, so all in all, it was a fantastic trip! Here's Addie reacting to the band coming on to the field. Luckily, she wasn't scared at all! Her favorite parts of the game were when the band played. She loved dancing to the music!

Family pic :)

My girl loves some juice. :)

Daddy makes her laugh! :)

I got some great pictures of her with my Dad. :)

Nonna and Papa love this girl!

Giving Bob some kisses!

Addie poses with the Eagles in the family :)

Addie's first "haircut"

Addie's hair took to come in, so you can imagine that I'm a little nervous about cutting it. Well, this before picture shows that it was definitely time to give those bangs a little trim.

I can't touch those curls in the back, though. They are my favorite. :)

She was such a good girl... and the tootsie pop probably helped. :)

Ta-da! The after picture is adorable!
Hooray for bangs!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Addie goes to the zoo!

It's no secret that Addie loves her some animals. She can name them, tell their sounds, read about them, spot them in movies... you name it, she loves it! We were excited to take her to the Memphis Zoo for her first trip to see the animals in person. She had a great time! Here are some pictures from our trip:

Sweet family photo... Addie is apparently practicing her model pose.

What a great time! Thanks, Kyle and Mary!