Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Ava Update

Our sweet Ava Rae just turned three! 
This little one is FULL of spunk! She keeps us laughing! :)

Fun facts about this little love:

-She goes to our church preschool two days a week and loves it! It was her first year going somewhere outside of our home, so it took some adjusting... but once she got the hang of it, she was fine. Mrs. Carrie, her teacher, is so fun and is a great match for her! She also goes to "Keke's" house two days a week. This worked out so well for us and we love Mrs. Chrissy. She loves Ava while Mama works... and we couldn't be more thankful. :)

-Ava gets to spend Fridays with Daddy and Aubrey (and sometimes Mommy). Since Eric is off on Fridays, he keeps the two young girls. This helped Ava bond with him more before Aubrey arrive... a huge blessing! :)

-Ava loves pretend play! Kitchen, house, school... anything! In the picture above, she told me that I could work in the playroom while she read me some books. :)

-She wants to be just like her big sister! We couldn't think of a better role model... Ava loves to play what Addie is playing, say things that Addie says, do things that Addie likes to do. It is really sweet to watch and, most of the time, Addie is pretty patient with her. :)

-Ava marches to the beat of her own drum. When I say this, I simply mean that the girl is strong-willed. :) I'm hoping and praying that one day this trait does more for her than drive her parents crazy. ha :)

-While she may be a bit headstrong, the girl still loves... and she loves BIG! She's affectionate, caring, and has come to really love babies! She takes her role as Big Sister very seriously... and sometimes passes that leadership role into other parts of her life. ha :) She's learning to balance everything, but for a new 3 year old, she's doing a pretty fantastic job!

Some of her other favorite things:
Paw Patrol (specifically Chase)
cucumbers and ranch
chicken nuggets
cheese pizza
cooked carrots
mac and cheese (the cheap kind :)
"marshmallow" cereal (Fruit Loops or Lucky Charms)
baby dolls (anything to do with them!)
reading books to her "class"
play doh
pretending to write
watching "Neckliss" (Netflix)
Disney princesses
Doc McStuffins
Minnie Mouse
riding her scooter
falling asleep with Mama
playing dress up
any kind of music
singing last year's VBS songs :)
watching "bideos" on Mommy's phone
playing the iPad or Kindle Fire

Oh, my little doll...
You make our world so much more fun! Your smile, laugh, and infectious personality are all one of a kind! We love you big!
Mama and Daddy

Addie Update

My Addie girl is now 6! Can't believe it. From this:

to this:

This girl is amazing! Here are some fun facts about her:
-She is an awesome Biggest Sister. She loves Ava and Aubrey, constantly makes sure they are okay, plays so well with Ava, helps us feed and take care of Aubrey... you name it, she's (usually) willing to help! :)

-Addie LOVES kindergarten! She goes to the school where I used to teach, so she was very excited to see all of my friends when she started back in August. Plus, it's just an awesome school. Her teacher, Mrs. Reckman, has been the perfect match for my sensitive soul of a child. She's gone above and beyond to help Addie continue to grow this year. Ad's reading and math levels astonish me on a daily basis... and as a teacher, I know how hard it is to meet the needs of students like her, so all of  her teacher's efforts have been very appreciated. Addie loves to learn, and that's all I need. :)

-She has been dancing at Children's Ballet Theater this year and loves it! She performed in "The Nutcracker" in December (right after Aubrey was born!) and was just the cutest mouse. Now she is preparing for the spring performance.

-So far, Addie has lost 6 teeth! Crazy. She still gets a little antsy when they are about to fall out, but she's getting better... and the poor Tooth Fairy must be tired of leaving her money at our house! :) Addie's sweet smile right now looks like a jack-o-lantern... some growing in, some not... some straight, some not... :)

Some of her other loves include:
My Little Ponies
Disney princesses
making cards for people
going to church and life group
salads (cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, and dressing)
Fun Dips (ha!)
riding her scooter or bike
playing outside with the neighborhood friends
playing Go Fish
playing any board game
reading to Ava and Aubrey
playing the iPad or Kindle Fire

As you can see, this girl is growing up before our eyes. She weighed around 45 lbs at her check up and is just about 4 feet tall. Sometimes I watch her sleep and can't believe what a miracle she is. You would never know what she went through when she was born. Testimony to God's protection and faithfulness? I think so.

You are my favorite 6 year old! I hope you always have such joy in your heart! I just LOVE you to pieces!

Big changes for us :)

Sooo... it's been a hot minute since I've had time to blog, but I have got to get back in the habit so we have some of this information recorded here. 

The biggest change in the Jackson household:
We are now the Jackson 5!
Miss Aubrey Gail Jackson arrived on December 9, 2015, at 5:47 AM. She weighed 6 lbs, 14.5. oz, and was 19 inches long. She came a little over 4 weeks early, but Mama knew it was time... and Mama was ready! :)

Now, for the record, we weren't planning on adding to our family... we weren't "finished" but we were going to wait and let Ava get a little older before we decided for sure. Well, God knew we needed this little love here and now, and we honestly, despite all the craziness that comes with having three girls under 6, couldn't imagine life any other way.

When I tell you that her big sisters love her, I mean they LOVE her! We never worried about Addie adjusting. She is such a rule-follower and a "little Mommy" that we knew she would take the new role of "Biggest Sister" perfectly... and she has. Now, Ava, on the other hand, was our concern. She is very much a Mama's girl. Well, God totally answered our prayers and she has been amazing with Aubrey! She loves her, loves helping me with her, loves holding her... you name it. Hallelujah! :)

I mean, really.

See? LOVE.

Aubrey is SUCH a great baby... she just goes with the flow. She rides with me to get the big girls to and from school, activities, etc... At home, she hangs out in her swing or on her play mat, she tolerates the noise of the big girls, and she eats and sleeps like a champ!

Baby girl,
We are just smitten with you! YOU, my love, are everything I never knew I always wanted!
We love you so much!
Mama, Daddy, Addie and Ava :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ava at 18 months :)

OMG. This sweet child is growing so quickly! Here are some lists of things Ava can do at just about 18 months old. She's learning something new every single day! This age is super fun! :) 

Words she can say:
Katie (tae-tee)
milk (sign)
all done (sign)
wa-wa (water)
up, please
please (sign)
open (oh-doe)
whoa baby (thanks, Michelle on Full House)
thank you (sign)
eat (sign)
peek-a-boo (peek boo)
Doc (as in McStuffins)
out (more like "ooouuuutttt" when she wants to go outside)
bubbles (in the tub, outside, and when she sees the Bubble Guppies :)

Animal sounds she can make:


Other fun stuff:
loves to dance
loves to shake
likes to sit and put shoes on
can give a hug and a kiss
When we ask, "How big is Ava?" She raises her hands for "sooo big!"
When we ask, "Who stinks?" When she does, she raises her hand. :) ha
loves using her fork

Body Parts she can identify:

Ava's favorite things:
anything Addie does
anything Addie says
play doh
baby dolls
push toys (popper, vacuum, stroller)
color (color wonder markers!)
water to drink
pizza (eats the cheese off the top)
fruit snacks (slightly obsessed)
chicken nuggets
green beans
bath time
climbing stairs
climbing onto the couch
cook at her kitchen
play in the water outside
learning to play games
going to the library
"The Wheels on the Bus"
sitting in Mama's lap
playing "Where's Ava?"
sitting in her chair w/ Addie and watching a show
Doc McStuffins
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Full House
going outside
playing at the park
the iPad
washing her hands (w/ soap and water and hand sanitizer)
slushes from Sonic
ice cream

going to bed at night
when someone takes her toy
having her diaper changed
getting dressed (sometimes)
being told "no"

shorts/pants: 6-9 months
shirts: 12-18 months
diaper: 3
dress: 12 months

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the past few months:

She loves falling asleep with us on the couch or in the recliner... some of my favorite moments. :)

She climbed up by me, opened her computer, and "worked" just like Mama. :)

Water? Yes!

Anything Addie can do, Ava can do it, too. :)

Fun playing under the table!

Dress up? Yes!


Words can't express how much we love you! Your personality is amazing and you bring smiles to our faces every single day! We love how much you love us, how much you love your sister, and how much you love learning new things. We love your beautiful smile and your sweet little curls. We love your sound effects and your sweet dance moves.
We just love you! :)
Mama and Daddy