Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy 10 months, Addie! :)

The little munchkin is 10 months old!  We have had a busy month!  

Here are her stats:
Weight: 15 pounds, 3 ounces (at the doc today w/ clothes on, so she's a little less)
Height: 27 inches
Clothes: mostly 3-6 month clothes... some things are too short for Baby Long Legs, so we have to go up a size)
Diapers: still in size 2

Ready to move!

Isn't this why you made this sign, Mama?

Addie still loves bath time... especially with her cousin, Abbie.  The girls were just precious taking a bath together!  Abbie is going to be such a great big sister when Lexi arrives in March!  We can't wait to have all three of the girls together! :)

Addie loves to play!  I'm so proud of how she's progressing and trying to catch up to other kids her age.  She's very alert and pretty stable for a preemie with the adjusted age of 7 months. :)  She still has a long way to go, but it won't be long before people won't even know she's older than she looks.

Addie is quite the poser! :)  ...and apparently I need to find some pictures of her wearing clothes. :) ha  She loves having her picture taken (most of the time)... I guess I'm to blame for that one!  She is usually easy going with other people as long as Eric or I are around her.  We've begun the whole separation anxiety thing this month.  While we love that she loves us, it is pretty hard on us when it comes to leaving her places that are unfamiliar.  I can't handle it sometimes. :(  She has no trouble at day care, but the nursery at church is a different story.  We're working on it, though, and thankfully, this past Sunday was better.  We won't give up!  

There we go!  Baby with clothes! :)  She is still happy about 95% of the time... she can play and entertain herself so well!  We are very thankful for that.  She also loves watching her movie in the car when we go places.  I think a car DVD player is one of God's greatest creations!  Don't give me the lecture about it... I don't want to hear it because I am in love with those things. :)  Now, the other 5% of the time she has been fussy this past month... because of these two guys.  Seriously.  Teething is for the birds.  I hate that she is in such pain and all I can do is give her something to chew or some numbing gel that doesn't really do much good. :(  Thankfully, those puppies are in so she's been a little more back to normal, and she's sleeping better.  Totally looking forward to the next chompers that arrive. ha!

She is an eating pro... as you can tell by the applesauce-covered high chair and banana-decorated drape. :)  Girl loves her food.  See?  She is my child after all. :) ha Once Addie is in her high chair, she is kicking and bouncing because she is so excited to eat!  Her favorites this month are applesauce, bananas, peas, carrots, macaroni and cheese (who knew they made this for babies?  She devoured it!), apples and cherries, apples and blueberries, and prunes and apples.  Yes, prunes and apples.  We were adding some rice cereal to thicken her food so it was easier for her to eat, and that, naturally, resulted in some tummy issues... so we tried the prunes.  Well, she had the hang of eating, so she didn't need the rice anymore... and she just l.o.v.e.d. the prunes w/ apples.  Not even kidding. We keep them in stock at our house at all times. :)  She also loves those little teething wheels and puffs.  She just got the hang of puffs tonight.  So stinkin' cute. :)

She speaks! :) Addie began making consonant sounds this month, and, needless to say, I was so excited!  She usually says "ma-ma," "da-da," and "ba-ba" over and over during the day.  The only one she really associates is "ma-ma." :)  Yes, I cried the first time she said it and reached for me.  Granted, she was sad and fussy for some reason, but I did not care one bit.  She doesn't do it all of the time... just usually when she's sad or really tired.

Little one,
You make us laugh every day!  We can't believe you are going to be a year old in just two short months!  Don't you worry, though... Mama is already planning your party. :) ha  Thank you for being our little ray of sunshine!
We love you!
Mama and Daddy


Kelly Grant said...

What a GREAT update!! WOW she has changed SO much this month!

Anonymous said...

She is sooo precious! I know you both are having so much fun with her. Sounds like she is doing so good, too! Can't believe our babies are almost one year old. Unbelievable! We are blessed.

Anonymous said...

abbies p-ssy isn't ready for c--k yet but that sweet mouth and bum are, I would make her feel real good

Anonymous said...

how about we double team to make Abbie feel really special? :)

I fuck her in the butt, and she sucks you off. :)