Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy 4 months, Addie!

Holy cow!  Four months!  I cannot believe that four months ago today, I was in the hospital coming to terms with the fact that our little girl was already here!  Addie has come a looooong way since that day, and we are so thankful for each and every minute we have had with her... and so thankful for each and every person who has helped her along the way! :)  If you don't believe in miracles, then we need to talk.  All you have to do is look at Addie's sweet face and you can instantly see how amazing God is!

Here are the little peanut's stats:
-9 pounds!  Chunk!
-length: 21 1/4 inches
-clothes size: newborn

Fun facts:
-Addie is learning to sleep a little better... thankfully. :)  Most of the time, she will sleep for about 4 hours at a time.  She has gotten really good at taking her bottle and going right back to sleep during the night!  Hallelujah! :)  This was a long road for us because of some tummy issues (some of which we are still resolving), so we are excited that things are improving.  Hopefully, Dr. Huss will help us on Monday with those last few issues we're having.  Also, once she gets a little bigger, she'll be able to eat more and sleep longer. :)

-She is moving so much more now!  Addie moves her legs and arms around all the time, and her cousin, Abbie, even let her borrow a new toy that plays music when she kicks it... Addie loves looking at the lights and listening to the music!  It's definitely encouraging her to continue moving!  Addie also loves to be facing forward when we hold her so she can see what is going on around her.  Her neck is getting stronger, so she holds it up while her big ole eyes look around to see all the action! :)

-Addie has really started to enjoy bath time!  When we were having all of those tummy problems, she went through a spell when the bath was not as fun, but here lately, she is so content when she's relaxing in her spa! :)  We run to get the camera a lot so we can capture those moments!

-Addie also loves to play!  She can see so much more and she reacts to so much more these days, so the playmat is getting lots of action!  She also can sit in the vibrating seat and watch Baby Einstein for about 10-15 minutes. :)  It's amazing to me to know that she is learning all the time---pretty much every minute she is awake!  She also likes to go for a stroll!  Now that the weather is so much warmer (sometimes too warm!), we get out when we can.  I so want Addie to love being outside... even though she appears to be hot-natured like her Mama. :)

-It is exciting/crazy to be able to start actually comparing Addie to normal baby milestones.  It's exciting because I remember the day when her due date seemed like an eternity away... crazy because I really want to think that she's four months old, but I can only compare the things she's doing to a one month old.  Now I know that I can't always compare my child to things that other children do... but it is fun to know that my little preemie is working hard to catch up!  I am praying so hard that one day no one will be able to tell that she was born so early. :)


 Happy birthday, pretty girl! :)

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Man, she has come a long way. :)

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dcraft said...

Happy Birthday, Addie! You have managed to get some great captures of Addie's expressions. Glad you all are doing so well. I know you are ready to get out of school. Have a great summer with Addie!