Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy 5 months, Addie! :)

What were you doing five months ago today?

Me?  I was coming to terms with the fact that I was officially a Mommy!  That day seems like forever ago... but at the same time, I remember it like it was yesterday.  I honestly remember every. single. second.  What a day it was!  It was the happiest and scariest day in my life... all wrapped up into one day.  Crazy.  Thinking back to that day makes me VERY thankful for each "month birthday" this little girl has...

I cannot believe that our baby girl is already five months old!  Addie is such a joy to us, and she is getting to be tons of fun!  Here are her stats:

-Our scale says she weighs 10 1/2 pounds!  Holy cow!
-She is *** inches long.  We'll measure her tomorrow when she is actually being still for 5 seconds. :)
-Clothes size: she usually wears newborns, but she is starting to wear 0-3 month clothes in some things... 
-She is up to a size 1 diaper!

Here are some of our latest milestones:

-Addie is a fantastic sleeper!  She has been sleeping through the night for a few weeks, and we could not be more excited!  We've established a great nightly routine, and I honestly think that it's helped her.  It was hard at first (and sometimes it's hard to make ourselves come home and get her to sleep on time), but it is totally worth it!

-She has started to smile and laugh!  We can't get enough of it!  She has realized that she can make all kinds of sounds with her mouth, and she spends a lot of the day "talking" to us!  We've gotten some of it on video, so one day I'll figure out how to upload the videos on here. :)

-Addie is quite the mover!  When you hold her on your lap, she will just kick and move... kinda like she's a little swimmer!  She loves to play on her playmat and we've even started to sit in the bumbo!  She's getting really good at holding her head up, so she enjoys looking around to see what's happening!

-Addie also loves to eat!  She eats a LOT during the day... hopefully at our next pediatrician visit in July, we'll get to start some rice cereal and fruit!  Can't wait! :)

You are the light of our lives, sweet girl!  We love spending each day with you and seeing the world through your eyes.  We love watching you grow and learn... taking in everything around you!  Most of all, we love you! :)

Mommy and Daddy


Kyla said...

This is precious!!! It is hard to believe it was 5 months ago! I am so excited to celebrate each one with you! Love, Kyla

Kelly Grant said...

So sweet!