Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy 7 months, Addie! :)

**So sorry I didn't post this on her actual birthday... I've been too busy to blog lately!  Life is crazy... it's great, but crazy!**

Here is the little doll on her 7 month birthday:
I promise you... she is literally this happy about 95% of the time. :)  That part of her sweet personality is absolutely precious!  Now, keep in mind, that the other 5% of the time she is not happy.  At all.  These are times when she is letting us know she is hungry, wet/dirty, or sleepy.  She communicates quite well... and loudly. :) ha  Her lungs work VERY well now.

Here are her stats:

-13 pounds!  Whopper!
-24 1/2 inches
-Size 1 diaper
-Size 0-3 month clothes (she can wear some 3-6 month onesies! :)

Addie loves the water!  We have had fun with her at my parents' house and Eric's dad's house swimming this summer!  She even took a little swim at Abbie's birthday party a few weeks ago.  We are so looking forward to watching her splash around next summer!

Addie can successfully roll over from her tummy to her back!  It has taken her a long time to reach certain milestones simply because she's a preemie... but she is definitely working hard to catch up!  She's almost able to roll from back to tummy.  We think that will happen in the next couple of weeks!

Addie and Mommy started new schools this past month!  Here we are on her first day.  She has adjusted very well to her new "home away from home." :)  It feels so great knowing that she is well taken care of each day and that they are giving her the love and attention that she needs.  Addie sleeps well at night, so we know they are playing hard each day!  We also love that she is around other children.  She LOVES watching them play... and they love her, too!  She's the baby of the group... so naturally she gets lots of attention!  The kids are all so excited when they see her... melts my heart.

Addie loves to play!  I think I put this on her last post, but this month it has gotten even more entertaining!  She will grab anything (as you can tell by the pic... that is her sock monkey :) and bring it to her mouth almost instantly!  She has a "red bird friend" that sits by her changing pad... all we have to do is lay her down and she rolls right over to play with it!  It is by far her favorite toy! :)  She also loves her dolphin and owl and her fun musical ball!

Addie loves bath time!  She's started to look for her squeaky toys when she's bathing... it won't be long until she's sitting up splashing around in the tub!  This picture also shows that she loves her Daddy!  He can make her chuckle any time of day... it is just precious. :)

Addie has the best blue eyes. :)  Seriously... I look in them as much as I can each morning before work and each night before she drifts off to sleep... I can't get enough of them!  I'm all misty just typing about them... Gees.  The hormones are still nuts 7 months later.

I'll post about this again later, but I had to include this pic of Addie with her primary nurse, Carly.  I already have plans to print and frame this in Ad's room... we went to the NICU Birthday Bash on her 7 month birthday.  It was such a great experience!  Baptist hosts it each year, and it is wonderful to see the sweet people who saved our baby.  Ah... misty-eyed again.  I think I need sleep.

Well, munchkin... we fall more and more in love with you every day!  We absolutely LOVE you and your precious personality.  We praise God each day for choosing us to be your parents!  What a miracle you are, sweet girl!

Daddy and Mama


Pamela Johnson said...

ok, seriously, this was so sweet. misty eyed for me too! she is so beautiful and i LOVE her eyes!

Kelly Grant said...

She really does have some of the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen in my life!

Way to go Addie rolling over!! Thats TOUGH, you are such a big girl!!! Addy grant just figured out how to roll over back to tummy and boy was it hard too...I know you will do it soon and I cant wait to read the blog when you do!!

Johnell...you are such a sweet mommy, just like I always knew you would be!!!!!

Janelle said...

Love all the pictures!! I love reading about what's going on with Addie, so fun! Thanks for sharing Johnell.

Emily said...

i'm loving finding y'all have a blog and love reading about how well she is doing. it was great to see you guys on sunday and addie is growing like a weed.