Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy 9 months, Addie!

9 months.  Gees lapees.  Time is flying, people.

Here she is:
I couldn't love her more.

...even if she does crumble up my sign. :)

We go to the doc on Wednesday for her 9 month well visit, so I'll have stats then.  I'm guessing she's between 14 1/2 and 15 pounds.
She's wearing mostly 3-6 month clothes.  Some of her 3 month clothes still fit, too.
She's in a size 2 diaper.
She eats a lot... solids twice a day (usually) and lots of Mommy's milk and some Neosure to help her pack on the pounds. :)

My girl is teething.  None have broken through yet, but there are two that are really close.  God love her.  I don't blame her for hating it... she's not too fussy, but she chews on everything in sight... and the drool.  Oh, the drool.  We go through a few bibs a day just because they're soaked.  Gotta love it. :)

Addie has gotten so much more active lately!  Here she is in her Jenny Jump-up for the first time.  Was it a hit?  I think so. :)  She loves moving and knowing what is going on everywhere.  I love how curious she is!

She always sits with her little feet like this.  I just love these little piggies! :)

Addie has found her feet!  She looks at them sometimes like she's so happy that they're still attached to her legs. :)  She's like, "Hey!  Y'all are still down there!  Sweet!"  I promise she has toys, but this day she chose to chew her toes instead.  Don't worry... they were clean... enough.

Addie loves to laugh!  We've figured out how to make her just giggle and giggle... we tickle her and she laughs the sweetest laugh I've ever heard!  You can hear it all through the house!  Eric is so good at getting her to laugh... especially when I take pictures of her.  She thinks he is hysterical! :)

I love how alert she is these days!  She lights up when we come in the room... she turns to see us when she hears our voices... and she wants us when she's unsure of a situation... does it get any better than that when you're a Mommy or a Daddy?  I think not.  We love that she loves us. :)

Bathtime is still such a sweet time.  Now that she's used to her big girl tub, she is loving it!  One of my favorite things in the world is wrapping her tiny wet body in a big warm towel after she gets out of the tub.  Moments like that are what life is all about, folks.  Don't believe me?  Come over around 8:00 any night, and I'll show you. :)

Happy 9 month birthday, love!  You are just amazing.  That's all there is to it.
Mama and Daddy

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Kelly Grant said...

Oh my cute! I just want squeeze those cheeks!!!

I didnt know you were still nursing...YAY for you, thats AMAZING! I hope I make it to 9 months!!!!

Addison does the scream just to scream thing too...hahahaha! Its like they find a noise and are trying to perfect it to see what kind of reactions they will get.

I love her Johnell!!