Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sweet Summertime

So far, this summer has been a lot of fun! The girls are busy with outings, play dates, and games/fun at home. Here are a few pics of what's been going on:

Sweet sisters... now that Ava is a walker, Addie is excited to play with her. They get along really well (most of the time :).

We've played a LOT of dress up!

...and Ava shows that she wants to do everything just like Big Sister. :)

The sandbox has gotten a lot of playtime!

Color Wonder markers are the absolute best invention. Ava can "color" just like Addie, and we don't have a mess to clean up when she's finished! Amazing.

Ava has started to love babies! It is so sweet to watch her love on them and feed them. :)

More sandbox fun :)

Water fun has been our saving grace in the sweltering heat!

Playdate with Crue :)

Playdate with Jasey :)

Addie said, "Jasey's play room has EVERYTHING!" :)

...and lots of fun with Aunt Katie!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Ballerina Girl

Dance has always been a major part of my life. I danced from age 3-18 and on through college... I obviously don't want to "force" dancing on my girls, but I'll admit that I was incredibly slightly excited when she said she wanted to dance. Well, she had an amazing year with Mrs. Natalie... this is one of the few things that we never have to "make" her go to... she hops out of the car and runs into class. So happy that she has found something she loves. :)

This is Addie and Clara with Mrs. Natalie. During their last class before recital, they had "Princess Week." The girls got to wear their favorite princess costume and they danced, sang songs, ate cupcakes, and celebrated a great year. So much fun!

 Those eyelashes!

Addie's first recital was on June 7. She was in the "Creative Movement" class, so they performed one ballet number in the show. She was super excited!

This was Addie and her sweet friend, Clara, before the dress rehearsal. Addie loved getting dressed up, wearing make up, and being on the stage. I was worried that she'd be nervous with all of the people watching, but she was a pro! I was super proud of her... and may have cried the whole time. :)

See? Sweet girl!

Brooke, Addie, and Clara
I'm praying they'll still be together in class next year. Such sweet girls!

Love my tiny dancer!

All of our family came to see Addie. Once I get those pics from my mom, I'll have to post them. Addie loved having them, and Eric and I were appreciative that they all took time to come. :) Addie is already looking forward to dance this year... she gets to take ballet and tap! :)