Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Disney: Day One :)

We spent 6 days in Orlando over Thanksgiving Break, and we had a great time with Addie on her first trip to Disney World! I have nearly 700 pictures, so I'll just break it down by days... much easier.

Trae and his family arrived during the day on Tuesday and we went to the Magic Kingdom.

Daddy Bob and Addie enjoying a snack at the house before we left. :)

Sweet cousins on the tram... Abbie is a great big cousin! :)

On the monorail... Ab spotted the castle! She was a little excited. :)

Let the memories begin!
This was the only day we made the guys wear Mickey shirts. :) They were troopers.

Lexi, you ready?! That smile is amazing!

Miss Thang is ready! The humidity got her hair every day! I loved the little curls!

We saw a parade when we arrived. Here is my girl showing some of her sweet moves. :)

Snaggle tooth had a great seat!

See what I mean? Humidity. Thankfully, this was the hottest night.

Then it was time to watch as Cinderella's castle was lit for Christmas. :)

Ah-mazing. LOTS of lights. :)

On to the carousel ride... loved it!

So did Bob!

Good times! :)

We also rode Dumbo! Abbie "tricked" Nonna and Papa and made them go really high the whole time! :)

...and the teacups!

Addie really enjoyed the rides! She laughed the whole time! :)

My sweet family :)

The End of Day One :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Addie went to her buddy Dean's birthday party this past weekend. It was a joint party with her other friend, Cami. :)

It's no secret that Addie LOVES being with her buddies! She is excited every day to see "Waura" and "Deano" and "Wuke" and "Jatie" and "Keenzee." :) We name these guys every.single.morning. :) Well, add her buddies to her "gynastics" place, and Addie was sold.

Sharing Cami's birthday gifts with Koda. :)

O.M.G. Carson was there! Can you tell that these two adore each other!? It was so precious to see them back together. Addie had to sit by Carson in every line. :)

See? She kinda nudged someone out of line so she could be by Carson. :)

Chloe was there... showin' off her skills!

So was Blake! I think he had the most fun of all of us! :)

Here's the birthday girl on the slingshot... she was so excited!

Addie wouldn't take her eyes off of Dean... it was too cute! :)

To say that these are best buds is an understatement. Addie loves sweet Laura!

See what I mean? :)

This picture cracks me up! The static was intense! :)

It was such a fun time! We are so grateful to have such sweet friends in Addie's life! :)

Addie's 2nd Halloween :)

Here's the glitterfish heading out to figure out this trick-or-treating thing...
She's such a big girl! 

Our jack-o-lanterns were ready for visitors!

Her friend, Haven, showed her how it was done! It didn't take long for Addie to become quite the fan of this holiday.

Buddies :)

Addie also saw Granny on Halloween! :) Notice Addie's first Nestle's Crunch bar... it didn't last long. She devoured it.

Mim and Poppy came along for the fun!

Love our girl. :)

We also went trick-or-treating at T-Paw and Grandma Robbie's!

One more close-up of my baby doll and me. 
Daddy wasn't looking at the camera, so he got cropped. :)

What a great Halloween! :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween weekend fun :)

We just wrapped up a weekend of fun! My parents and grandpa came to town to celebrate with the cutest little Glitterfish you've ever seen. :)

Here she is ready for the Pumpkin Fest in downtown Franklin.
"I got gwasses." :)

She was such a ham! :)

Posing with Mama and Daddy

Cousin Knox was there! :)

Sweet cousin kisses :)

Today, Addie enjoyed an owl cupcake! She took one look at it and said, "Emmmaneeemmsss." :) Even though they were Reese's, she did not mind at all. :)

Her hands are not baby hands anymore. :(

Kisses for Mama :)

Daddy carved her an Elmo pumpkin. Can you tell she was excited?! :)

I carved the one with her name in it. She loved practicing spelling her name when she was looking at it. Leave it to Mama to make pumpkin carving educational. :)

Pumpkins :)

Family pic after an evening of fun :)

A pic with Nonna and Papa :)

... and Bob! :)

Looking forward to more fun with our little fish tomorrow on Halloween!