Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rub a dub dub... my baby loves the tub :)

Addie's new favorite time of the day is bath time!  She loves it!  She actually cries when we take her out now... it is so sweet to watch her relax each night before bedtime.  We've settled into a pretty good routine each night.  She's ready for bed after her bath.  I'm not going to tell you how well she's been sleeping in fear that it might end soon. :) ha  I'm kidding... we are so thankful that she's been sleeping so well lately!  After weeks of tummy troubles, Addie has been sleeping soundly for at least 7 hours straight each night!  Praise. The. Lord! :)  At first, we thought it was a one time thing, but she's done it each night for nearly a week!  I know it may not last forever, so for now we are thankful for each night she sleeps this well! :)

Here are a couple of pictures of the little bathing beauty:

Sweet thing... so relaxed.

Check out that belly!  We worked hard for that thing!

Pretty content while waiting for her bottle :)

Love those lips!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Things that I love :)

This week at Kelly's Korner, the Show Us Your Life theme is things that you love/things that make you happy.  How fun!  Here are a few of mine:

Jesus.  Sounds cliche', but it's so true.  The miracles in my life are proof that He exists and that He is awesome. :)

This picture shows where my heart is... my husband, Eric, and our little girl, Addie.  Life is so much sweeter with them in it!

That smile.

Sun and Sand Yankee Candles.  If you've never had one, you should get one.  It brings the beach to your home.  We want to live by the beach one day, but until then, I have these little beauties.

My two favorite stores.  I could spend hours (and hundreds of $) in these places!  Speaking of, I'm headed to both today! :)

Mexican food is my fave!

Enough said.

Clean laundry... the smell... the feel... everything.  Now, I am not a big fan of actually doing the laundry, but once it's finished, I love it!

Photography.  I love capturing a smile or a laugh on camera!

I absolutely love gardening!  This is something I've come to love since I've been married.  I love being outside taking care of the garden/yard with Eric.  I do the flowers; he does the grass.  It works out well!

My niece, Abbie.  I just love her to pieces!  She makes me smile... all the time. :)

Our fave nurse, Carly, and the entire Baptist NICU.  If not for these wonderful people, our little girl would not be here.  They worked tirelessly to help her survive and thrive.  We will never be able to thank them enough.

Last, but certainly not least... family and friends.  I love nothing more than being with my family and friends.  These are just a few pictures of the many important people in my life.  I love family dinners, Thanksgiving family reunions in Mississippi, playing Catch Phrase at Christmas with the family, my Mama's gumbo, going to the driving range with my Daddy, having margaritas with girlfriends, cookouts and cornhole... the list goes on and on... :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Finishing touches and a smiling girl :)

Today, we added a little something to Addie's nursery that, in my opinion, completes it. :)  I got the idea from my college buddy, Mandi, who has a beautiful preemie named Mackenzie (you can check out her blog here).

I loved this saying that I saw on Kenzie's nursery wall so much that I decided that it needed to be on Addie's. :)  I absolutely love how it looks!  Matt Darden from Darden's Decal Designs came up with the design and installed it today!  He does awesome work, and you can check out his website here. :)

Just so you know, Mandi and I hadn't seen or even talked to each other in years... but God has used our stories to bring us back in touch, and she's been such an encouragement to me with all we've gone through with Addie.  We have both been blessed with beautiful baby girls... our paths were just a little different than the paths of most mommies. :)  Although the road has been long and we know there are obstacles we'll have to cross in the future, I'm pretty sure she would agree with me when I say that we can't imagine it any other way. :)

When you see a smile like this, it makes everything worth it. :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My new favorite picture

I'm sorry... I just can't get enough of this little grin.

Well, really... I'm not sorry.  I just love her.  Can't apologize for that, right? :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy 4 months, Addie!

Holy cow!  Four months!  I cannot believe that four months ago today, I was in the hospital coming to terms with the fact that our little girl was already here!  Addie has come a looooong way since that day, and we are so thankful for each and every minute we have had with her... and so thankful for each and every person who has helped her along the way! :)  If you don't believe in miracles, then we need to talk.  All you have to do is look at Addie's sweet face and you can instantly see how amazing God is!

Here are the little peanut's stats:
-9 pounds!  Chunk!
-length: 21 1/4 inches
-clothes size: newborn

Fun facts:
-Addie is learning to sleep a little better... thankfully. :)  Most of the time, she will sleep for about 4 hours at a time.  She has gotten really good at taking her bottle and going right back to sleep during the night!  Hallelujah! :)  This was a long road for us because of some tummy issues (some of which we are still resolving), so we are excited that things are improving.  Hopefully, Dr. Huss will help us on Monday with those last few issues we're having.  Also, once she gets a little bigger, she'll be able to eat more and sleep longer. :)

-She is moving so much more now!  Addie moves her legs and arms around all the time, and her cousin, Abbie, even let her borrow a new toy that plays music when she kicks it... Addie loves looking at the lights and listening to the music!  It's definitely encouraging her to continue moving!  Addie also loves to be facing forward when we hold her so she can see what is going on around her.  Her neck is getting stronger, so she holds it up while her big ole eyes look around to see all the action! :)

-Addie has really started to enjoy bath time!  When we were having all of those tummy problems, she went through a spell when the bath was not as fun, but here lately, she is so content when she's relaxing in her spa! :)  We run to get the camera a lot so we can capture those moments!

-Addie also loves to play!  She can see so much more and she reacts to so much more these days, so the playmat is getting lots of action!  She also can sit in the vibrating seat and watch Baby Einstein for about 10-15 minutes. :)  It's amazing to me to know that she is learning all the time---pretty much every minute she is awake!  She also likes to go for a stroll!  Now that the weather is so much warmer (sometimes too warm!), we get out when we can.  I so want Addie to love being outside... even though she appears to be hot-natured like her Mama. :)

-It is exciting/crazy to be able to start actually comparing Addie to normal baby milestones.  It's exciting because I remember the day when her due date seemed like an eternity away... crazy because I really want to think that she's four months old, but I can only compare the things she's doing to a one month old.  Now I know that I can't always compare my child to things that other children do... but it is fun to know that my little preemie is working hard to catch up!  I am praying so hard that one day no one will be able to tell that she was born so early. :)


 Happy birthday, pretty girl! :)

P.S. Addie's three month old post is here.
Her two month old post is here.
...and her one month old post is here.
Man, she has come a long way. :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

To Addie :)

One of the greatest joys in my life is you!  I cannot tell you how amazing it is to be your Mama!  I dreamed of the day that I would get to meet my first child, and from the moment I saw little, tiny you, I have been in love! 

I love how you love me and need me.  I love how you turn your eyes toward my voice when you hear me come into the room.  I love how you snuggle right up under my chin--like that space was made just for you.  I love how your sweet breath smells.  I love how your hair smells after a bath.  I love rushing home from work to hold you and smell you and hug you. I love how you fit just perfectly on my lap.  I love how sometimes the most comfortable place for you is on my chest listening to my heartbeat. 

I can't wait for all of the things we will get to do together... watching cartoons, playing in my classroom, going to movies, painting our nails, playing dress-up, dancing. I can't wait to teach you all of the things I want you to know... how to love Jesus, how to be a friend, how to serve others, what it means to love, how wonderful your family is.  I am so excited to see you grow and become a beautiful young lady!  ...let's just not do all of those things just yet, though.  I'm kinda enjoying holding you in my arms right now. :)

Thank you for showing me what it means to be selfless and to love unconditionally!  I am amazed each day by you... you are my world, precious girl. 

I love you!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Back to work :(

Well, I did it.  I have almost completed my first week back at work.  Monday was a bonus day off because of the weather, so I savored every minute of that day with Addie.  We watched the news updates all day and prayed for all of those people affected by the floods.

Going back to work has been a major, major adjustment.  My kids at school make it much better when they are with me... I usually do my crying when they are out of the room. :)  So many people at work have been so sweet to email or come by my room to check on me.  Little do they know that it totally helps me get through the day. :)  It sounds like something so silly, but it really means a lot to get a hug or a note from a co-worker.  I'm very thankful for each one of them.

I absolutely love my kids, and one of the things I hate most is that I didn't get to spend the entire year with them. :(  They were well taken care of while I was out, thank goodness, and it's been fun talking with them this week and getting to know each of them again... and seeing how they've grown and learned while I was home with Addie.  We have 10 1/2 more days together, and I am determined to make the most of my time with them...

Here are a few of the latest pics of Addie:

There's my happy girl! :)

Hi, Mommy!

This is going to be on the wall in our bathroom soon. :)

I am so excited that her head is growing so I can put some big bows on it! :)

Her baby blues are my favorite. :)