Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy 40th to Jim!

Is it John Stamos (a.k.a., Uncle Jesse)????
No... it's just Jim's senior picture!! :)

A few weekends ago, my friend, Audry, successfully threw a surprise 40th birthday party for her husband! I have no clue how she kept it a surprise... I had trouble when I was around him for like five minutes. She had to live with him! Props to her for not blowing her cover! Friends from Georgia even came in to celebrate! We all had a lot of fun! :)

Shout out to Mary the cakemaker... The Superman cake was really cute! :)

The moment of surprise for Jim... the moment of relief for Audry! :)

The girls at the party... we took about 20 pictures to get it right! :)

This was a candid! They are saying, "SANTA!! I KNOW HIM!!" Well, at least Laura and Kristy are saying that... Mary is just laughing at how crazy they are! :)

...can't forget the cutest guest at the party!! :) I think he had more fun than anyone did! Happy birthday, Jim! :)

Stay tuned for "scenario" pictures c/o Laura... such a HILARIOUS game!!!

Take Three: At the Church

Here are a few from before the ceremony. We had some of the greatest people there to stand with us at our wedding! From preschool to life after college, all of these friends are true blessings to us... :) (Sounds really cheesy, I know, but it's true! :)

Eric with the girls :)

The boys and me :)

Absolutely love this picture of the ring bearer in front! Dean was TOTALLY ready for this picture! :)

The bridesmaids and me :)

The Wieniewitz family with us :)

Eric's mom and stepdad with us :)

Eric's dad and stepmom with us :)

Ok, so you know... at this point in the day, I was beginning to get a wee bit stressed! It was the only point in the day when I was overwhelmed with all that was going on around me. Luckily, it only lasted about 10 minutes, then--after a lot of prayer and a few brownies--I was good to go! :)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Take Two: On the Golf Course

These were taken on the golf course at Gulf Hills where we stayed. It was a beautiful day for pictures... you can't see exactly how hot it was outisde. :) We were quite toasty, but it was worth it! :)

This is when we saw each other for the first time. :)

This one is fun! We were having fun laughing at how hot it was... I still couldn't believe it was my wedding day!

This is not an easy task when you're in a form-fitting dress that is glued to you because of the sweat. :) I was really worried I was going to tip over and fall!

We had to sneak onto the green in between groups of people playing. Some people were happy for us... others wanted us to get off of the course. Meanies.

The classic "inside the veil" pose... :)

... a little help from my man :)

...and finally, my favorite picture! This is the one we are ordering as our portrait! :)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Wedding Pictures: Take One

Ok, folks, here we go... here are some amazing pictures from the happiest day of my life, July 5, 2008. :) Sean Smith was our photographer, and we absolutely loved working with him. You can check out his site: www.seansmithphotography.net. He does some awesome work! My Mama even had him take some portraits of my niece on the beach to give to Trae and Amber for Christmas... they are beautiful!

Anyway, here are some of the pictures taken before the wedding. We stayed at Gulf Hills Hotel in Ocean Springs.

My Mama and me. Isn't she beautiful?

My sweet Daddy and me... he didn't cry until after the ceremony. He did well!

When taking this one, I was thinking, "Holy cow! I get to wear this thing for the rest of my life!" :) What an amazing feeling...

Posing in the bridal suite... my friends were making fun comments in the background this whole time. I was really trying not to laugh!

Ok, take two will be coming soon... just as soon as my computer cooperates. :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Haven's turn

Our camera loves our other "niece," too! We went to Franklin a few weeks ago, and Dennis and Haven came with us. :)

Eric was in the process of buckling her in the car when I said, "Cheese!" She looked right at me! Don't you love the hat?!

She loves Santa... even this old guy that Mr. Terry has at his house. :)

Ok, she found the toybox and climbed in all by herself. We did not do this to her... she even whined when we took her out of it! :)

Love that sweet face!

Decorate the Tree :)

Things worked out for Trae, Amber, and Abbie to stay another night in MS when we were there for Thanksgiving (bad weather has its perks!), so we started putting up Christmas decorations at my parents' house. When my dad was putting up the tree, Abbie came into the den and said, "Papa, I help you with your tree, okay? You need some oh-naments on it. I help you." :) Naturally, he let her. :)

Girl was concentrating! I must have taken twenty pictures of her. She was having nothing to do with posing for a picture. :)

I love this... it's as if she's saying, "Talk to the hand, Aunt Johnnie." :)

This is the only time she looked right at me. My brother said, "Hey, Abbie! Aunt Johnnie has a monkey on her head!" She turned right around to check. :)

Whatever works, right??

Thanksgiving 2008

Eric and I enjoyed a great Thanksgiving break in Mississippi. The weather was hot, but the food was great! Every other year, the Wieniewitz side of the family gathers for Thanksgiving at my aunt's house in Moss Point. We had a fun time, and I even won $100! :)

Here is a picture of all of the family! We had around 70 there... and that isn't everyone! There were quite a few who couldn't make it this year.

This is a great picture of my dad (third from the right), his brothers and sisters, and his parents! I can't remember the last Thanksgiving they were all there and healthy! What a great reminder to be thankful for all the Lord has given us...

...and now one of my favorite pictures with my new clicky camera! Abbie LOVED the leaves! She went on a nature hunt (or two) while we were in MS!

She also loves to play "Getchu Papa!" I wish I had her laugh on video! It's priceless. :)

This is a sweet one, too. I love how Ab thinks she is invisible. :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Good times

Here are a few pictures from the last month or so in the Jackson household...

Halloween 2008: 80s party at Robert and Rachel's house
Don't be jealous of my outfit. Please.
And I promise my husband isn't a thug.

Sweet Haven (our other niece :) turned 1! As you can see, she was very excited about the presents!

...and she REALLY loved the cake! :)

Mike and Michelle's wedding: November 15, 2008
Eric was an usher, so we enjoyed a weekend at the Doubletree in Nashville. It was a nice mini-getaway!

Now, we are in Mississippi enjoying some Wieniewitz family time. Pictures will come soon (Abbie isn't here yet. :)... Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Coming soon :)

Good news! Eric and I finally got our fancy new "clicky" camera this past weekend! I am beyond excited to try it out at Thanksgiving this week in Mississippi! I'll take plenty of pictures of this sweet cheerleader... and maybe some of other family members, too. We'll see. :)

P.S. This was taken while Ab was in Mississippi with my parents at my high school's football game. She loves those pom-poms! I was happy to pass them down to her. :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

"Wocky Top"

Abbie's voice is too cute... :) She loves to sing "Wocky Top" to us. :)

Anyway, last weekend, Eric and I went to Knoxville for some time with Trae and Amber. Abbie was in Mississippi and Louisiana--enjoying some "spoiling time" from both sets of grandparents :)--so the four of us had a relaxing weekend. We got to see the Vols play Mississippi State while we were there. It was a great game! :)

The infamous Neyland Stadium... it's REALLY big!

Here we are waiting for the Vol Walk to begin. The weather was perfect!

A picture of us in front of the stadium

Let the Vol Walk begin! There were LOTS of orange people there!

There's Phil Fulmer in the midst of the crowd. Eric got to "high five" him!

Once we got in the stadium, we found Eric's cousin who was visiting also.

The atmosphere when the team runs out of the "T" is unbelievable (even for this LSU fan!)!

The final score :)

We're already looking forward to another weekend at a basketball game in Knoxville! :)