Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fun at the Park

Eric had a day off last week and spent it with Addie. They went to the park and he got some great pictures of her enjoying the beautiful weather!

Addie loves to slide! This park has about 10 different slides, so she was in Heaven!

See what I mean?

 Love that face!

Best picture ever. :)

 Posin' on the bridge :)

 She loves her Daddy! :)


Meeting Santa

Last year, our visits with Santa and the Easter Bunny were no walk in the park. This year, when Addie said she wanted to go see Santa, we were a little nervous... Eric heard that he was arriving at our mall a few weeks ago, so we decided to give it a try.

 As you can see, she was very excited!

 After Santa came out, we decided to see if she would sit with him for a picture. She was still smiling... :)

 Addie wouldn't actually sit with him, but she did sit by him and give him a high five! ...and she told him she wanted a car. Interesting. Nonna and Papa were with us and they got this great picture of us talking to him.

The "Dancing Girls" were also there, and she wanted a picture with them but got shy when we finally got to them... so we resorted to posing with Mommy and Ava. :)

She's excited to see the Dancing Girls again in December... and naturally, she's ready for Santa's visit! :)

County Fair

These posts are all out of order, but oh well... at least I'm posting, yes? :)

Addie had a great time at this year's county fair!
 Here she is ready to go! She enjoyed people watching from her stroller for a while. There is always plenty of that to do at the Williamson County Fair. :)

 She had fun playing all of the games and getting a prize each time!

 Skee ball was hilarious! Definitely need to steer clear when Lefty is getting ready to throw...

 She finally figured out the trick to throwing it in the actual lane. :)

 By far, her favorite part was the area for kids that showed the different things farmers to do help us.

 She could have brushed the sheep all day long.

Digging is fun, too!

 Fun with Mommy at the end :)

Kind of a blurry pic, but still sweet... she LOVED the fireworks at the end of the night! :)

Halloween with Cinderella

 Halloween this year was so much fun with an almost 3 year old who was ready for each activity! Here she is waiting patiently at the table to start carving the pumpkin the night before Halloween. :)

 She was ready to dig into the pumpkin... but only for a little while.

Addie was much more comfortable using the pretty pink spoon. :)

 The finished products... Daddy carved Cinderella while Mommy carved her name. :)

 Pretty girl ready for school on Halloween day :)

 After school, we got dressed and ready to go. I asked Cinderella to pose for some pictures, and she said, "Mama, Cinderella likes to dance like this!" Love the joy on her sweet face. (As you can see, she loves carrying her babies with her. We decided not to take Sara trick-or-treating because she would get too cold. :)

 To say Addie liked trick-or-treating is an understatement! She LOVED every minute of it!

She was so brave going from door to door (once she figured out that all she had to say was a few words and they gave her candy!). Each time she got something, she would say thank you and turn around, pull the candy back out, and show us like she'd hit the lottery! It was ridiculously adorable. :)

Daddy and his little princess :)

 Mama and her girl :)

Hard to believe that next Halloween we'll have two little ones! Craziness.

Monday, November 19, 2012

The reason for my hiatus...

Yep, Addie is going to be a big sister! We are expecting our 2nd girl in April... couldn't be more thrilled! :) ...and you can see that Addie is very excited, too!

Her name is Ava Rae Jackson. Ava is my mom's first name, and I've wanted a baby Ava for as long as I can remember--even before it was a super-popular name! Rae is Eric's mom's middle name, and it just fit perfectly. :) Addie already loves saying, "I wuv Ava!"

We're praying for a full-term, boring pregnancy this time around... The first half has already flown by, so I'm hoping the 2nd half does the same and that April is here before I know it!