Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sweet Girl

I had the best time taking pictures of this sweet little girl, Laura. I am starting a new "venture" in photography/invitation making, and, lucky for me, my friend has a cute little girl with a birthday coming soon! :) We met to take some pictures to include on her invitations.
I'll figure out how to upload the invitation when it is complete. For now, here are a few of my favorite pictures from the park:

Look at that sweet smile! She was laughing at her silly Mommy! :)

This was a cute one, too!


I know that all children I photograph may not be as cheerful and fun as Laura... but I really, really hope a lot of them are! :)
She is just precious!

...and I promise I'm not kissing up to Audry. She already knows her kids are cute.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cutest Cheerleader!

I'm obviously in the posting mood tonight... I have finally gotten around to downloading my pictures, so now I can update this thing!

Abbie spent her spring break in MS with Nonna and Papa. They went to a "pepper rally" at my old high school and Mama got these pictures... I must warn you: they are precious! :)

Seriously, people.

Love it! :)

She made a friend... and apparently, they had a blast! I love the looks on their faces! Pure joy!

Go Indians! Girl's got some height! :)

80 years... :)

We had a wonderful time celebrating Daddy Bob's birthday in Birmingham this past weekend. We stayed at an amazing resort... turns out that our suite had water damage from the night before, so we were upgraded to the "Governor's Suite." Stinks, huh? We were thankfully able to manage... :)
We ate dinner at one of my favorite seafood restaurants, Landry's. The one on the coast has been gone since Katrina, so we enjoyed eating there again!

Yum! Even the sign confirms the great seafood... and feel free to join their email club. :)

The fam outside of the restaurant... we're cute. :)

Four generations :)

The hosts of the weekend, my sweet Mama and Daddy

Ab, Trae, Mama, and Daddy

My sweetheart and me... we finally remembered to take a picture together! :)Here's Daddy Bob with his favorite granddaughter and favorite grandson-in-law... :)

Then it was back to the suite for the party! Here's Ab, Amber, and Trae with the birthday boy... notice Abbie's birthday visor. She wanted us to have "party hats" and we found these at the dollar store... they were perfect! :)

See? :)

No, we didn't have 80 candles... just the 8 and the 0. :)

Testing the icing...

Kisses for the "birshday boy!" Sweetest moment of the night...

We LOVED the birthday card for Daddy Bob! It played "Celebration!" We heard it... oh, about 100 times this night. :)

We danced to it... a lot.

Daddy Bob even cut a rug! :)

We clapped, too! :)

Don't be jealous of our hats. Eric put a deer on his... just plain mean.

It was a fun night for sure! :)

My Mama is the best party planner! :)

Our Little Fish

This past weekend in Birmingham, Ab got to enjoy the indoor pool in our hotel. She was SO excited to swim! She even said, "I'm excited!" in the elevator on the way to the pool... she was too cute! :) Here are a few pictures I got of her:

Here she is getting used to the water... she was not camera shy at all! I love this expression on her face! :)

Piggy back ride with Daddy :)

While she was out of the pool getting her noodle, she noticed a little pool... a.k.a. the hot tub. :)

Turns out that she's a huge fan! :)

Naturally, she had to get the noodles for the "hot pool."

They worked quite well there, too! :)

Then it was back to the big pool!

...talking with Daddy...

They had a great afternoon in the pool! :)

Monday, March 23, 2009


Well, I got more great pictures of Haven! Shocker, huh? :) It's crazy how much my camera loves that child! Here are a few from the other night... we had a great time just hanging out and enjoying the spring weather!

Cornhole advertisement? I think so.

No, Mommy. I didn't eat the chocolate.

Here I come!

Doesn't get much cuter than this, folks.

*Pics of sweet Ab to come soon! We get to see her this weekend! :) Yay!

Crawfish Boil

Trae and Amber invited us to Knoxville for a crawfish boil last weekend... I was easy to accept the invitation! Eric? Not so much the crawfish fan, but he was content getting wings from Hooter's. :) We had a great time! :)

The hosts of the evening... my brother rocked out to Bon Jovi. I was proud. :)

Amber and I with a friend of hers from school... it was her first time eating crawfish and she liked them! :)

Yes, sir. Just leave me with the crawfish, and I am one happy camper. Granted, I could not feel my lips after about 3 minutes, but who cares, right? It's all part of the experience. Totally worth it. The feeling comes back to your lips after about 2 hours.

This may be my favorite... this is Trae's friend Joe Jonas... I mean, Justin. Rockband brings out the best in all of us. :)

I also became a Rockband fan. I do believe that I scored a 99% on "Give It Away" by the RHCP. I am so not alternative, but I can definitely fake it to win a game! :)

Thanks for a great time, Trae and Amber! :)

The Family Hall of Famer

My Daddy Bob is a member of the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame. For some bizarre reason, I remember when he was inducted in 1985. Sure, I can't remember what I need at the grocery store, but I certainly remember a long ceremony for my grandfather that was held when I was barely 4 years old. Go figure.

Anyway, Eric and I met Mama, Daddy, and Daddy Bob in Jackson, MS, a few weeks ago and while we were there we walked through the MS Sports Hall of Fame Museum. It was so neat to see pictures of and memorabilia about all of the people my grandfather knew. Here is my Daddy Bob by his picture:

...and here is a close-up of his plaque.
I'm one proud grand-daughter. :)Stay tuned for pictures of our birthday weekend with Daddy Bob! He turned the big 8-0 on March 2, so our family is meeting in Birmingham this weekend to celebrate. We are staying by a golf resort (with shopping nearby, of course) which will be perfect. We are very excited!

Another Jackson Birthday :)

Mr. Terry had his birthday the week after Kyle's birthday. I made this cake for him... it turned out to be pretty cute to be so ugly. hehe :)

Go Vols. Woo-hoo.

The birthday boy :)

Robbie's grandbabies were there to celebrate, too. This is little Jackson... such a CUTIE!! This picture describes him perfectly! He is a hoot! :)