Sunday, August 28, 2011

Workin' at the car wash!

That little spot on the bumper was very clean. :)

Time for gymnastics!

Addie went to her first gym class yesterday, and to say that "she loved it" is truly an understatement! She had a BLAST! Here are some pictures as proof:

Starting out on the trampoline... kinda fun, Mama!

 She loved going in and out of the bus! She kept saying, "Boos!" Love her little accent.

Walking with Daddy... she kept getting distracted by the animals. :)

 Trying to hang on the bar... I remember watching Abbie do this when she was so little, and it was fun to see her progress and get stronger. I can't wait to see Addie do this in a few months when she gets more arm strength!

 Tossing her in the air? Always a favorite. :)

Tossing her in the foam pit? Even MORE of a favorite. :) She absolutely loved it.

 Walking on the beam with Ms. Donna

Hey, I'm pretty good at this!

 The swing took them high over the foam pit... as you can see, Addie was a fan!

 Hmm... trying to figure out the zip line.

Can't see her whole face, but if the tongue is out, she's having a good time!

 Sitting like a big girl on her "square." :)

 Singing the goodbye song at the end of class

 Such a fun day!
Mama and her girl :)

Daddy and his munchkin :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Reasons I love my child.

Since I don't have time to really blog, I'm going to post a quick list:

1. I love that Addie must sleep with Lambie. After 18 months of trying to get her to sleep with something, she's finally chosen Lambie.

2. I love even more that when she says Lambie's name, it comes out, "Mimi." She loves her Mimi just like I loved mine.

3. I love that she yells, "Elmo!" when we go to the car... It's like he lives in there or something. That video is annoying, but she loves it.

4. I love that she says, "UP! PEASE!" really loudly when she wants me to hold her. I can't resist.

5. I love that Addie breaks out in a groovy dance when she hears any music. Contrary to popular belief, she may actually get that from me. I did dance for 20 years.

6. I love that she clings to us on the weekends. I miss her so much now that school has started. Our weekends are the best. :)

7. I love that she thinks that the microwave is called a "hot dog."  ...and I love that she thinks she is so strong when we let her open and close the "hot dog" door all by herself. :)

8. I love that her babysitter calls her a "light" in her day... 
says she makes her smile all the time.

She's a light in my days, too. :)