Friday, May 10, 2013

Easter 2013

We had a great, relaxing Easter Sunday since we were at home with a newborn. The Easter Bunny came for both of our girls! So fun!

Addie was excited to wake up and see her goodies!

 She thought it was great that the Easter Bunny brought her little sister some treats, too!

Pez dispensers: win!

Mim stopped by for a visit!

So did T-Paw and Grandma Robbie!

Nonna and Papa brought the girls a basket and had a glow in the dark egg hunt for her! So much fun! I swear we had 2309 egg hunts this day! The weather was rainy, so we had to have the hunts in her room, in Ava's room, and upstairs! ...and we had them during the week after Easter, too! :) ha

Sweet big sis with her new owl purse :)

I just love her!

Nonna and Papa with their girls :)

Addie has a hard time not touching Ava when she's around her! Thankfully, Ava is pretty compliant most of the time! :)

My girls! :) Ava is in a dress that Addie wore after she came home. It's one of my faves!

Kisses :)

Addie always has the sweetest look on her face when she's looking at Ava! I can't wait to see these two grow up together. :)

Our family! Thank you, Jesus, for giving us this amazing life!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Thursday's Baby :)

Each week, Baptist highlights the first baby born on Thursday. We always enjoyed seeing who it would be in the weeks Addie was in the hospital. Little did we know that our second girl would actually get to be Thursday's Baby! :)

 These displays are all over the hospital for the entire week! Everyone got to see how beautiful our baby girl is! :) The portrait studio in the hospital took pictures of her the day she was born. We got a few free copies of this sweet pic!

Here are Papa and proud Big Sister Addie showing one of the displays! Addie was so excited each time we passed one in the hallways!

A local news station also came and did a short video of Ava to play on the Thursday news! Ava did a great job on her television debut! They are supposed to be sending us a clip soon and I'll try to get it on here!

What a fun memory! It made our experience even more special!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ava's Hospital Visitors

We are so blessed. That's all there is to it.

For starters, we had the most adorable baby and our experience was beyond amazing... but we also had so many people there at the hospital with us to be a part of Ava's special day! I remember feeling this same way in the midst of Addie's trials... thinking how undeserving we were of people's love, support, prayers, dinners, gifts... I felt the exact same way starting the day I went into labor with Ava. Her first few days in this world (and all of the days following) were filled with people who love her! How amazing is that?! Praise Jesus!

 Daddy couldn't get enough of his new girl!

 Nonna and her namesake :)

 Such a sweet moment! Nonna and Papa saved the day and spoiled Addie while we stayed in the hospital! :)

Papa and his fourth granddaughter :)

 Mim and her namesake :)

Poppy and granddaughter #2

 T-Paw and Ava :)

 Grandma Robbie and Ava :)

Granny and her newest great-granddaughter :)

 Kyle happened to be in town the week she was born, and we are so grateful! He watched Addie for us the night we were in labor! Addie had so much fun with Uncle Kyle! :)

 They made fun of me for wanting to take this picture, but they will be glad to have it one day! :)

 Aunt Katie also helped with Addie... like she does for us so often! So thankful for her! :)

 Juju came to love on her new niece!

Toh came, too! :)

My brother and his family came and stayed with us the next weekend. The girls had a blast together and loved meeting Ava! :)

I'll have to get those pictures from my mom!

More friends who came to meet Ava!

 Jen and Libby Kate came by!

 Mrs. Audry couldn't wait to meet her!

Mr. Jim and Ava

Sweet Laura loves to hold her!

 ...and so does Dean!

The Campbells :) 

 Mrs. Julie :)

 Mrs. Kyla :)

Aunt Sue :)

The Sterles (pre-Stella :)

Thank you so much to everyone who came by or called! We are so thankful for each of you and loved seeing and talking to everybody! :) What a memorable time for us... I can't wait to show Ava this post one day!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Let's Go Fly a Kite!

Eric bought Addie a princess kite a while back, and then the weather decided to get cold and rainy again... so we forgot about it until Addie found it the other day and begged to use it! Thankfully, the weather cooperated and Eric was able to fly it with her! Katie was with us and got some great pictures!


 Sweet girl... love that smile!

This is just precious! :)

One more picture of Addie practicing for our garage sale. Hot mess. :)

Ava: One Month Old!

Time is flying by with two girls! Wow!

 So, now my baby girl is one month old!
Weight: close to 9 pounds
Clothes: Newborn
Diapers: Newborn
Food: Mama's milk :)

 Miss Ava is an amazing baby! She is content about 90% of the time! The only times she fusses are when she's being changed and when she's hungry/wet. **Update: at around 6 weeks, she started being super fussy after feedings. We also noticed that she could kinda cough up some milk when she burped, but it would go back down... so no spit up (which is what we would first look for with reflux). Turns out, after a doctor visit, that she does have reflux. She just swallows it again, so it was super, super painful for her---thus all of the crying fits. We have started Zantac and it seems to be making a big difference for her! We are praying that this trend continues! :)

 Ava is starting to focus her eyes a lot more these days! It is so much fun to see her notice you and follow you with her eyes. She follows any noisy toy that you put in front of her, her mobile, and her animals on her swing! She has even started fussing when they stop moving or the music stops! :)

 To say that Addie loves her baby sister is an understatement! She told me the other day that she likes to call her "Sissy" and that Ava loves when she calls her that. :) Every time someone talks about her, Addie will say something like, "She's so cute, isn't she?!" I also love that when people come over and are holding Ava, Addie will be sure to tell them that they have to leave her with us. No swiping our baby, people. :) I love that Addie is so protective!

 Addie loves to hold Ava's hand...  I love this picture SO much! :)

Ava's favorite places to sleep are her swing, her bouncy seat, her car seat, and on Mama's chest or Daddy's chest. :) We assume this is thanks to the reflux. We are slowly starting to get back to the bassinet on one of those groovy inclined sleep positioners. Naturally, I don't mind that she wants to sleep with me... I love every minute!

 I was able to get some pictures of Ava one afternoon when she was bright-eyed! :) I love her sweet little rolls in this one! :)

 Pretty girl in her bassinet :)
This bassinet was my mom's, my uncle's, my brother's, and mine, and it was also used by my nieces and Addie... now it's Ava's turn! I love family heirlooms!

 I love that this one shows her name!

Not long after our photo shoot... sweet sleepy girl. :)

We didn't know how much we were going to love you! We love how much you love us and need us. We love how you let your sister love on you all of the time. :) We thank God every single day for bringing you to us!
Mama and Daddy