Sunday, October 5, 2008

Our trip to Ten Mile, Tennessee :)

A few weekends ago, my brother and his wife invited us to stay on the lake with them in Ten Mile, TN. No, we had never heard of this place either, but it turned out to be a really fun weekend! My mom came up to join us, too! :) We stayed on this "floating house" (as Abbie says) on Watts Bar Lake and cruised around in this boat. It was a great getaway!

Trae and Eric searched for fish while Amber and I just relaxed. :)

Abbie learned how to turn on the radio. Here she is dancing! :)

Ab also loved her "cricket purse!"

Trae, Abbie, and Uncle Eric... and Abbie enjoying the beach!

Aunt Johnnie got to play Play-Doh with Ab! That girl could play with that stuff for hours!

Here's a cute picture of my brother's family with my Mama. My poor Daddy had to stay in MS to work. :( Someone has to make the travel money, I guess! :) ha

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Nonna said...

It was a great get-away with the four I adore, plus one more! :)