Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Tonight I'm thinking of my little girl...

I'm wondering what she's doing right now.

I'm wondering if she is missing us like we're missing her.

I am dreaming of the day that I won't have to wonder how she is.

I'll just walk into the next room or look over to her bassinet and see how she's doing.

I actually can't wait to have sleepless nights with her.

I look forward to warming bottles and washing clothes and changing diapers.

I'm looking forward to her cries waking me up in the wee hours of the morning.

I can't wait to see her little booty in her own little bed.

I am looking forward to not having to drive to see her each day.

If I don't see I-65 North for a few months (or a lot of months), I will be just fine.

I'm excited to not have to fill my car up with gas every couple of days.

I will miss the lady that sits in the booth that leads to the Mid-State Parking Garage.  

Well, okay, I'll be okay without her each day... I'll send her a card.

I'm watching a show about lottery winners.

If I won the lottery, I would build more NICUs so people didn't have to travel very far to visit their preemies.

I certainly wouldn't mind filling up the gas tank in my car.

Now I'm thinking about this precious baby again.

Our "coming home day" is so close I can taste it.

I want to put her car seat in our car so badly.

I actually feel a little jealous when I see mommies walking around with their babies.  Is that bad?

Then I am convicted.  God reminds me that I am SO blessed to have Addie.

The jealousy goes away.

Now I'm thinking about my little girl again.

My little pea in a pod. 

And I'm smiling. :)


Eric Jackson said...

We are so close baby!! I can't wait to have her home!! I LOVE MY GIRLS!!

JB said...

Hang in there!!!! Can't wait to read a post that says We are HOME!!! :)

Oh, and because I'm nosy - i want to see nursery pics :)

Last of the Southern belles said...

As traumatic as this experience has been it has made it so you will ALWAYS appreciate the little blessings you and Eric share with Addie. It will always make you realize that miracles are possible and that we have a truly awesome God. I think as Christians we are called to glorify God in all things good or bad and just reading this blog makes it very clear that you realize that too.

Tiffany Jones said...

You are so close!! Thanks for sharing. Your honesty is refreshing! I love the gate lady too! She is so sweet and always remembers me! Your journey is almost complete! You will be snuggling with her at home in no time at all!

MoDLin said...

Your trip home is not far off and I look forward to reading about it. How sweet of you to say you would build more NICUs if you won the lottery. Hopefully some day we will be able to prevent most preterm births and we won't need more NICUs. We're working on it.

mandi fisher said...

Well said Johnell. I thought those exact same things many times during my NICU journey.

What discharge criteria does she still need to meet? Kenzie's was feeding. With her cleft palate taking a bottle was very difficult for her.

Know that I think about you guys all the time and pray for you daily. I promise that sweet baby will be home with you soon!

Mr. and Mrs. Jackson said...

Thanks, everyone... :)

JB: those pics will come soon! We are putting the finishing touches on the nursery this weekend! :)

Mandi: Hope sweet Kenzie is doing well at home with you! We are waiting on Addie to take bottles for all of her feedings. She's up to about half of them now, so hopefully it won't be too long! :)

Kelly Grant said...

I loved this Blog...its so cute!!! Thanks for sharing Johnell!

Nonna said...

I'm reading this and thinking about you, my baby girl, and the thoughts and dreams you're having about your precious baby girl! A daughter is such a fabulous blessing! daughter has a daughter! I just love saying that! Know that I share your dreams, and always will! :)