Monday, April 19, 2010

Walk for Babies :)

No one ever imagines they will give birth prematurely.  No one.

No one ever imagines the trials and tribulations that families endure as a result of premature birth.

No one plans to have her child whisked away from her as soon as she is born... only to see a picture of her sweet, fragile, tiny body on a big ole cold scale.

No one plans to see her child for the very first time like this.

No one plans to see these numbers on the baby scale.

No one plans to have a preemie.

We certainly didn't.

...but the good news is this:

Parents of preemies quickly realize how many people are trained to care for their children.

They realize how many people support you during the unplanned times in life.

They realize that doctors and nurses everywhere perform miracles everyday.

They realize that thousands of people donate time and money in hopes that one day all babies will be born healthy.  

Now, you must know that I've been completely overwhelmed these past three months when it comes to the support and prayers that Eric, Addie, and I have received... and I was again just overwhelmed (in a GREAT way) this past Sunday when we attended the March of Dimes walk at Centennial Park in Nashville.  There were thousands of people there to raise money and awareness for babies just like my Addie!  It touched me in such an amazing way... It was a comfort to see other families who had experienced what we had... and many families who had experienced much more.  I didn't know a soul there (except the nurses from Baptist NICU) but I felt completely at home.  It was weird.  It was almost like I felt like I was part of a new club or something... sounds crazy, I know.

Ok, I'm rambling.  All of that to say that I was touched and I'm looking forward to having "Team Addie" next year to raise money so that doctors and scientists can continue in their quest to make sure that all babies are born healthy. :)  It will be a fun tradition for our family!  I think it will be a great way for Addie to let God use her and her story. :) Just think... maybe one day there will be a way to detect infections early on in moms-to-be and a way to stop the baby from coming early.  How amazing would that be?! :)

Here are some pics from our day at the walk... the weather was ridiculously gorgeous!  (Sorry about the quality of these pics... we drove off without our camera.  We were sick when we realized it!  We are trying to get the hang of this whole parenting thing.. :)  Ah, well, thank goodness for camera phones!)

  My little star! :)  We got these shades at a shower a few weeks back, and I was so glad Eric grabbed them as we left!  They were a little big but perfect for keeping the sun out of her eyes.  Plus, they totally matched her sweet outfit!  Bonus! :)

Mommy and her little miracle :)

Daddy and his baby doll :)

It was SO great to see Nurse Carly!  Addie was a complete angel for her... I like to think she recognized her. :)

One more pic of my angel... :)

So, thank you to all who have ever supported the March of Dimes!  If you ever see those little tubs in stores asking for spare change or if you're asked to make a donation, take time to spare a few bucks for preemies... for little Addies everywhere. :)


JB said...

sweet post - i got all choked up reading it. Addie is such an amazing testimony of how powerful God is!

Anonymous said...

what a great post! Love the pictures; especially the one with your mom(she is so beautiful!!) and Abbie. Addie is growing so much and is such a precious gift. Love that Nurse Carly got to hold Addie and I'm sure Addie did recognize her touch.
The March Of Dimes is an awesome organization..........go team Addie!
Thanks once again for sharing!


Kelly Grant said...

Cute cute cute!!

Tiffany Jones said...

Great post! So true and real!! Thanks for representing us preemie families!! I hate that we missed it but definitely next year!

Nonna said...

What a heartwarming post! I never, ever expected this journey either, but I'm absolutely sure that God had it in His plan...and His timing was perfect! I'm also positive that He chose you and Eric because He knew He could count on you two to never question His reasons. He knew you'd both lean on Him to get you through! And, yes...I have no doubts that Addie's story will continue to touch lives and honor our miraculous God! I can't wait to be a part of Addie's Team in the years ahead! The March of Dimes and all those NICU doctors and nurses are changing lives every minute of every day! I'm truly thankful for all they do! All the pics are adorable! I really love those shades...and I love you! :)