Friday, June 4, 2010

Our family is growing :)

... not in my belly.  That, my friends, won't happen for a while.  I'm a wee bit gun-shy with the whole pregnancy thing. :)

Anywho, we are so excited that my brother, Trae, and his wife, Amber, have decided to adopt! :) We are thrilled that God has led them to this decision.  I can't wait to see who God has waiting to become a Wieniewitz and join this sweet family:

I'm posting this because Trae and Amber are beginning to spread the word to family and friends.  They are doing a private domestic adoption, and hopefully, by letting others know, they can become a special, forever family to a birthmother and her child.  So many lives are touched through adoption... some of my favorite people in the world are adopted, and I know the new little addition to our family is going to be just as special!

So, just keep this in the back of your mind in case you come across anyone. If you pray, please remember them in your prayers.  Pray for patience, for wisdom, and for the birthmother and her child... :)

One more thing... 
the sweet baby they will adopt gets to have this cutie as his/her big sister:

She is going to make the BEST big sister! :)
Be sure to check out their adoption blog... just click here.

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