Monday, July 5, 2010

Two years. :)

Two years ago today was the happiest day ever. :)

It has been an amazing two years, and I am so looking forward to many, many more with this amazing man!
He's everything I dreamed of... everything God knew I needed.  He makes me a better person, and I have honestly learned who I am since I met him two and a half short years ago.  I thank God every day for bringing him to me...

Sorry for the lovey-dovey post... can't help it. :)


Eric Jackson said...

I love you baby!! You are so amazing and I am blessed to have you in my life!!

Kelly Grant said...

BE LOVEY DOVEY!! Its the best! I never thought I would be lovey dovey until Matthew...and I am such a sap now! Yall are so cute and I love keeping up with the Jackson 3!