Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fun NICU tradition!

Addie was so excited to be reunited with her NICU family!  The Baptist NICU holds a "birthday bash" each August for all NICU graduates.  It was a great time, and we loved showing off our preemie and getting to see how well the others we know are doing!  In my opinion, it's just another way to show off what kind of miracles our God can perform! :)  This picture is one of my favorites... we love our favorite Nurse Carly!

This is a picture of Addie with the neonatologist who took care of her on Day One.  He was waiting in the delivery room early that morning to swoop her off into the NICU... he is the one who brought her over to me in the delivery room and said, "Look real quick!" so I could take a peek at her sweet teeny face before they took her away... Dr. Rojas will always hold a special place in our hearts.  He is an incredible doctor and man, and he took very good care of our baby girl. :)

 Sweet Cooper and Addie... he has come such a long way!  It was awesome to see him doing so well!  We spent hours talking to his Mom and Dad during our days in the NICU... and we still keep in touch through facebook and texting.  I'll always be thankful for their friendship!  Oh, and can you tell Cooper was excited about the pictures?! :) ha

This picture is so sweet... Johannah was right beside us when we were in the intensive part of the NICU.  We also spent many, many hours talking with her sweet parents who we now consider friends of ours.  It's amazing how close you become with people who are experiencing the same things you are.  We may not live near them, but when we saw them at the party, we picked up right where we left off!  It was so great to see little Jojo doing so well! :)  AND they like to put fancy bows in her hair, too!! :) ha

Here are the daddies with their babies... Johannah (who is about 3 weeks older than Addie) and her dad, Joe, Addie and Eric, and Cooper (Addie's valentine :) who is almost 2 months older than Addie) and his dad, Kevin.  Again, these two families were such a great support to us!  We are so thankful God had our paths cross.

The Titans' cheerleaders came, too!  Addie loved them! :)

My girl and me... the party made us re-realize (is that a word?!) how blessed we are!

 Daddy and his baby girl.  Love these two!

Needless to say, we are already looking forward to next year!  We can't wait to see Johannah, Cooper, and Addie running around the room! :)


Corrie, Joe, & Macie said...

Such a happy post-I love it:). Addie is more precious in every picture!

Tiffany Jones said...

We feel so blessed to have met you! You were such a support to us during our LONG stay! It was great catching up and Addie looks great!! I can't wait until next year when we are chasing the three of them around!