Thursday, November 10, 2011


Addie went to her buddy Dean's birthday party this past weekend. It was a joint party with her other friend, Cami. :)

It's no secret that Addie LOVES being with her buddies! She is excited every day to see "Waura" and "Deano" and "Wuke" and "Jatie" and "Keenzee." :) We name these guys every.single.morning. :) Well, add her buddies to her "gynastics" place, and Addie was sold.

Sharing Cami's birthday gifts with Koda. :)

O.M.G. Carson was there! Can you tell that these two adore each other!? It was so precious to see them back together. Addie had to sit by Carson in every line. :)

See? She kinda nudged someone out of line so she could be by Carson. :)

Chloe was there... showin' off her skills!

So was Blake! I think he had the most fun of all of us! :)

Here's the birthday girl on the slingshot... she was so excited!

Addie wouldn't take her eyes off of Dean... it was too cute! :)

To say that these are best buds is an understatement. Addie loves sweet Laura!

See what I mean? :)

This picture cracks me up! The static was intense! :)

It was such a fun time! We are so grateful to have such sweet friends in Addie's life! :)

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