Monday, May 30, 2011

Updates :)

Things have been super busy around here lately! I'm not sure how it is almost June... Gees. Time is flying!

I'm out for the summer, so spending each day with Addie is so much fun! I'm finally getting a chance to post! Here are some pictures from May. :)

This girl's giggle is the best sound you'll ever hear. :)

We took Addie to the Main Street Festival. She loved it! Strolling with snacks? Sign her up. :)

It wore her out... :)

Addie helped me celebrate Mother's day, too! She and Eric spoiled me!

I was in my friend's wedding in May, so we got to take a trip to Mississippi. She had a great time at the reception! It was a late night, but she was a trooper! :)

The summer is here! It is H-O-T out there, so this little $5 gem is going to be our best friend this summer! We got one that's a little bigger, too, so Eric and I can cool off with her. :)

She also likes to sit in my flower beds. :) She helps me pick the weeds!
I'm training her early.

I love summer time!

The girl loves her Daddy... and his sunglasses. :)

Macaroni. Best dinner ever. She demolishes it every time it's on her tray. :)

...aaand she finally faces the front, folks! Hallelujah! :) 

That's it for now! I hear the little babe now... :)

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