Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday Thoughts...

I've got to get to bed or Hitler my friend will be terribly upset with me for not meeting her at the gym in the morning... but I have to mention a few things.

Addie loves Elmo. She's borderline obsessed.
Sadly, her Daddy and I are starting to like the little guy, too. He loves his goldfish and his crayons... and we do, too.

She's become quite the traveler. In the past few weeks, we've gone to Memphis (twice), Natchez, Hattiesburg, Knoxville, and Biloxi. Whew! That's a lot of miles with a toddler in tow. She did really well considering how many hours we've been in the car... next trip? We're flying. :) Sweet.

Addie thinks my mom's cats hung the moon. She sat... I mean, she squatted and watched Rusty eat every time he came to the door. Thankfully, he can tolerate her. He's not the most social cat in the world.

She was SMITTEN with these pumpkins at a festival in MS. She spotted them from a mile away! She kept saying "Mickimouse, Miinnnnneee." She loves those guys. The only thing better would have been an Elmo pumpkin. Our pumpkin may have to be Elmo this year...

Her main concern at the pumpkin patch was that each of us had our own little pumpkin. It was super sweet. :) I had a "proud mama" moment.

Those eyes are still my favorite. :)

My girl loves the park. She is fearless. I know good and well she doesn't get that from her pansy Mama... that one is all Jackson. The people at our neighborhood park couldn't believe she was only 21 months. She loves to climb, loves to swing, and LOVES to slide! She insists on doing it by herself. We hear "I do it" a lot these days. We're looking forward to one of those random 75 degree days soon so we can go back to the park!

I mean, really.
She's ridiculously cute. I cannot resist that grin and those wonky teeth!
I love her. She loves me.
All is well in the world. :)


JB said...

Oh my word she's precious! Does she have one of the talking furry Elmo's like the tickle me one? Somehow I've got 2 and that's a LOT of Elmo ;). We'd love to give her one!

Mr. and Mrs. Jackson said...

Um, yes! She will flip! :) I'll email you.