Monday, January 2, 2012

Disney: Day Three :)

Day three was Thanksgiving Day. We went back to Magic Kingdom... starting with a breakfast with the princesses in Cinderella's Castle! We told Abbie that we had a surprise for her, and she was so excited to find out that we got to go IN the castle! :) It was really cute... they call for each princess and her family to join the princesses in the Royal Ballroom. Everyone calls you "sir" or "madam" and the princesses come by and visit you while you eat. The girls loved it... even Addie! I guess she could tell they were people, so she was good with it.

 Of course, it may have been okay with her since she had a cinnamon roll in front of her the whole time. :)
We sat down, they brought the plate, and she yelled, "Bissscitttsss!!!" :) Love her.

 Big smiles with Aurora!

Here she is with all three girls. :)

 Princess Ariel. :)

 Snow White... she reminds me of my old boss. :)

Belle... she talked with us about things in her "homeland of France." They never get out of character--even when they talk to adults! Crazy.

 After breakfast, the girls had a costume change, and we were off to find characters and ride some rides. Here is Lexi... full of cuteness!

 Here is the Dumbo Magic Carpet Ride! Addie loved it!

 Sweet cousin moments. :)

We were proud of Addie for getting so close to Princess Tiana... she was so nice! She saw that Addie was nervous, so she just sat right down and talked to the girls and Addie sat right down! :)

 Addie had about 20398547 suckers in Disney World.

 Addie even got to ride in the go-karts with Daddy! :) Such a big girl!

 My Dad and Daddy Bob! :)

 Amber and I had our own car... we laughed the entire time! We were horrible drivers!

Trae and Abbie's car :)

 Cute pic!

 I can't remember what this ride was... it was fun and relaxing, though. :)

 Daddy/Daughter moment :)

Good times! :)

That evening, we had Publix Thanksgiving dinner (it was delish!) and enjoyed a relaxing night. I don't know how I didn't get any pictures at dinner. :(

 I did get this cute one! Bathtime for the little cousins!

...and my sweetie in her Thanksgiving dress. :)

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Allie said...

The ride you didn't know the name of is the Tomorrowland Transit Authority. My family and I always ride this whenever we visit Walt Disney World.