Friday, February 1, 2013


Thankful for a snow day so I can catch up a bit on blogging... :)

We had a wonderful Christmas despite RSV that kept us house-bound for a week... thankfully, it wasn't too serious. Just a few nights of taking turns cuddling and sleeping with Addie and we were through it. She still managed to enjoy her gifts from Santa, and we, of course, soaked up every minute with her while she was still. :) ha It was hard not going to MS at all over the holidays (especially since I won't be able to travel until after Ava is born), but my sweet family came for New Year's Day to celebrate a belated Christmas with us... so that definitely helped!

At Eric's Mom's house. This is right after our first doctor's visit... two ear infections. :(

 Still manages to love on her new Build-a-bear. :) So sweet!

 How precious is this?!

 Waiting for her surprise at Eric's Dad's house... :)

 A Barbie Jeep!
Her exact words were, "Let's put it together now!"

Sweet baby... but you can tell she just wasn't herself. :( This was a few hours after we went to the doctor again and tested positive for RSV.

 Christmas morning! Santa brought all of the princesses! She was so excited! :)

 Lining them all up in a row... :)

 ...and finding them a place in her new dollhouse! :)

See? She said they were all at a birthday party. :)

 Managing a smile for Mama :)

 Tuckered out. :( Poor baby.

 After naptime, she helped Eric and me with our stockings... and played dress-up for a bit. :)

She got a lot of puzzles for Christmas... one of her favorite things to do!
Katie got this cute pic! :)

 I loved my full mantle this year! :) Can't wait to fill Addie and Ava's stockings next year! 
...and this pregnant lady has loved the fireplace this year, too! Ironic, yes? I'm reeealy hot-natured. And pregnant. That kind of triples the hot-natured thing.

Our tree. :) I miss it already!

More pics to come! I've got to get some from my Mom's camera. :)

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