Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Three Year Old

This post is months late, but I need to make sure I type this before her fourth birthday. :)

Addie is at such a fun age! Her personality is absolutely precious... she is coming up with new sayings every single day! She definitely keeps us on our toes!

 At her well visit (which wasn't until March), she weighed 29.5 pounds and was 37 inches tall. Her doctor described her as "average" according to her placement on the charts! She's always been barely on the charts, so we were so happy to have her move up and be average! :) Yay! Addie wears 2T shirts and leggings, 24 month shorts and pants (they fit a little better on her skinny waist), and she's 2T or 3T pajamas. She's now potty trained, too! Hooray! :) My biggest advice on this topic is to wait until your child is ready! I heard this from people and really took it to heart with my Addie. She was smart enough to do it, but she just wasn't ready. Once it got close to time for Ava to arrive, she was good to go, and now she's great! :) It really wasn't difficult at all! 

She is developing very well... she talks all. the. time. and sometimes comes up with sentences and conversations that astound us! Her imagination is one of my favorite things these days. She loves to "play mommy and baby," build forts and imagine going different places, read books and do puzzles, play on her mobigo, play play-doh, draw on her easel, color and practice her letters... the list goes on and on. :)

To celebrate her birthday back in January, we invited her friends and family to Pump it Up, and they all had a blast! Everyone is not in this picture, but it is most everyone who was there... it's very difficult to get 25 young children in one place for a picture! :) She had so much fun playing with everyone. We are so thankful that we have so many great friends with kids who are Addie's age. It will be sweet to see them all grow up together!

 Playing dress up is a fun hobby lately, too! Here is an example of that on the one day we had a good snow at our house. :) She loves all things princesses... dressing up like them, reading about them, talking about them, watching the movies... we have family movie night every now and then and she always chooses a princess movie. :) So far, her favorites are Cinderella and Princess and the Frog.

Addie loves her new big girl bed, too! She got this from her family for her birthday. It was a fantastic transition that we were able to do before Ava arrived. Honestly, I think she would have stayed in her crib for another year, but since Ava was coming, we had to make the change. We are so grateful that it went well!

 Obviously, her favorite thing about being 3 is her new role as Big Sister! This face shows exactly how she feels about Ava. If Ava cries, Addie is the first to run over to her and see if she is okay. Her sweet voice when she talks to Ava is my favorite thing! Addie also loves to remind people to use "Magic Soap" before holding the baby, and she is great at putting the pacifier in Ava's mouth! Addie knows where all of the supplies are in Ava's room and will gladly run and get something when we need it! I just love this sweet little Mama!

Addie Jackson,
We just could not love you more! You are so much fun to be around... You make us so proud every day. You are the best big sister... Ava is so lucky to have you!
:) Mama and Daddy


Aunt Julie said...

So adorable and it is amazing to watch this baby girl grow up so quickly! Love her and love you guys!!

Kelly Grant said...

Happy Birthday to a sweet little girl!!!!