Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Library time :)

Now that it is hot as blazes outside, I try to find as many fun indoor activities as possible for my little three year old! The public library is one of her favorites! She's a little overwhelmed with the group activities (there are lots of "big kids") so we have been sticking to the books, computers, train tables, and other toys. She also loves checking out books and movies!

She ran to the train table the first time we went. :)

There are such fun, educational games all around... teacher's dream!

Paused for a moment to look Mama's way :)

Happy Sissy :)

Addie loves the city carpet! Her imagination is one of my favorite things about this age! She is so much fun! :) Invisible Lexi usually goes with us everywhere we go. She was totally in this picture. :)

Ava is always at home in the library... nice and somewhat peaceful. :)

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