Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fun Weekend!

The weekend of Abbie's birthday was lots of fun for more reasons than one! :) My mom, dad, Amber, Trae, Eric and I went to the Ocoee for some white water rafting fun! We had a blast! I had been a couple of times before, but this was by far the most eventful trip down the river. Yes, I fell out this time and nearly got swept away by the current, but thankfully, my brother and husband pulled me back to safety. :) I only had a few nightmares about it. Now I'm good. I can't wait to go again!!

Mama and Daddy are so adventurous lately!

Amber and Trae were lots of fun, too!

The view was absolutely gorgeous! I highly recommend this trip to anyone!


Karen said...

Glad you all had a great time. We've done it twice. It is lots of fun!

Nonna said...

What an awesome family adventure it was! Woohoo! :)