Friday, August 1, 2008

Just a few...

My wedding day was so much fun! ... it was a total blur... but so much fun! I did not touch a camera all day, so I do not have any pictures of my own yet! Our photographer should have proofs to us soon, so until then, here are a few that some friends and family of ours took... just to give you a glimpse into my dream day! :)

Here is the "welcome bucket" that was waiting in each guest room! Can you tell my Mama and I are teachers?!

The Bride-to-be at the salon on wedding morning :) This is my Mama's veil from July 12, 1975, 33 years ago! I also wore a long one of my own during the ceremony. :)

Finally... in the dress :) I love it still!

Our first dance was to "More Today Than Yesterday." It was fun! My hubby is singing to me in this pic. It's one of my favorites... :)

We did a lot of dancing... and apparently I make silly faces when I dance. :)

Our pretty cake :) Each layer was a different flavor... I didn't get to eat it, but the samples I tried in May were delish!

Eric isn't much of a cake person, so he had his fave, banana pudding at the groom's table! We ate two scoops because it was so good!

Eric's favorite picture... haha :)

More pictures to come... I promise! We had beautiful family and bridesmaids and groomsmen there to celebrate with us... I will post pictures of them soon! :)


jb said...

Cute buckets! BEAUTIFUL bride (and handsome groom, too)!

Can't wait to see all the other pictures.

Boys R' Us Mom said...

What a special day full of memories that you will treasure forever. You look beautiful! I loved the cake! Can't wait to see more pictures soon!

NC said...

LOVE the pictures! You two are too cute! You are going to love blogging! See you soon!
Nicole Chapek

Corrie, Joe, & Macie said...

beautiful bride...can't wait to see more:)

Nonna said...

I love these pictures!... but, they only give a glimpse of the beautiful, radiant bride you were! It was a wonderful, wonderful day! I'll treasure it forever! :)