Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cancun-Part 1

Paradise. That is pretty much the best way to describe our week in Cancun! The weather was beautiful for 6 out of 7 days (it was raining when we landed), and we had the best time relaxing and enjoying our time at the resort. As it turns out, waiting a year to have your official Honeymoon works out quite well! :)

This is the one day we attempted to hang out on the beach... the waves were unreal! We walked out and were immediately knocked over by the waves! It was crazy! Given how hot it was, we opted for the poolside for the rest of the week! There were chairs in the actual pool, so I was all about those guys! :)

Naturally, we looked forward to the daily creation from the maids! This one was in our room on the day we had our "honeymoon dinner." :) ...AND each time we ordered room service (which was at least 3 times a day) the waiter handed me a flower! Great perk to being a woman! :)

This was our setup for the honeymoon dinner! We had the option of eating in a restaurant or having the meal brought to our balcony... we opted for the balcony dinner since this was the view from our room! It was absolutely beautiful!

This one is a little dark, but one of our favorite waiters took it of us after dinner one night!

Ok, that's all for now... more to come later!

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Nonna said...

Love the pics...love you both... and absolutely love how you love each other! You're just as beautiful and radiant as on your wedding day! Cancun is just such a romantic place! I can't wait for the next Cancun getaway! Maybe we can go together -- along with our two favorite guys, of course! :)