Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fun Getaway!

The week before we went to Cancun, we were invited to go with Trae and Amber to a house in Isle of Palms, SC. It was a gorgeous place! We were there from Saturday to Wednesday, so we really enjoyed our time there! Here are a few shots from the trip:

Four generations :)

Eric and me at dinner on Father's Day... maybe he will be a father soon! :)

My sweet sister-in-law, Amber :)

The beach was absolutely beautiful! The breeze was blowing, so it made it very enjoyable!

Once we get to any beach, Ab loves to run! Here she is running with her Daddy!

...and now running with her Papa!

Daddy Bob held down the umbrella (and Abbie's shoes :) for us!

We had a pool at the house, and I swear Ab spent 75% of the time in there! She just LOVES the water! She is an awesome little swimmer! We raced, and she always beat me! :)

Here's Uncle Eric trying to catch her! She would get to the side and say, "You couldn't catch me!"

One more of my love and me...

There are lots more pictures, and I may get time later to post some more. :)

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Nonna said...

SC was great! I love these pics, I loved our time together...and I really loved that it was our first family vacation with our married daughter and her wonderful husband! Can't wait for many more! :)