Friday, August 14, 2009

Abbie, the big cousin!

It's true! Sweet Abbie is going have a little cousin! Eric and I are excited to announce that we are expecting our first child in April. :) We are amazed at the miracle that God is performing even as I type... it is just awesome that such an incredible thing is going on while we go about our daily lives!
To say the least, we are looking forward to meeting our little one! As you can see, Ab is pretty excited to be the "Big Cousin," too! She has already told me that it is going to be a girl. :) We shall see if she is correct in a few months. :)
Your prayers for us and little Baby Jackson are truly appreciated!
I will keep you posted as Baby (and Mommy) grow! :)


Nicole @ Four Real said...

SO happy for you Johnell! Selah was very excited when I told her too! She said you are going to be the best mom! Maybe she can babysit in a couple of years??? HOW CAN THAT BE!!!! Praying for comfort, peace and health!

Nonna said...

I'm absolutely, positively, undeniably thrilled for you and Eric and truly thankful for this precious little miracle from God! In fact, I'm totally in love with this little Jackson already!! :)