Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day at the Lake

A few weekends ago we went to my brother's lakehouse to spend the day on Norris Lake. It was an absolute gorgeous day!

Isn't this the sweetest thing? :) I just might frame it...

Each time the boat started moving, she would say, "Hold on, Aunt Johnnie!" She didn't want me to fall off the boat... it's so fun to be loved by her. :)

Here is Miss Thang while we were riding... the wind was tough on her eyes, so she wore Nonna's sunglasses! She loved riding!

My honey and me on the lake :)

Ab can't wait to be the driver! She is really good at honking the horn! :)

Here is Eric tubing! :) My Mama got some great pictures... I stayed in with Ab for nap time while the rest of the fam went back out to ride. I thought I'd sleep for a little while while Ab slept. Yeah, we both slept for three hours. :) I am REALLY good at napping these days!

I did squeeze in some time for dominoes with Daddy Bob! He swears I'm really good at it, but I think he just lets me win. :)

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Nonna said...

What a fun weekend! I loved every minute! Great place, great weather!... most of all, great family! :)