Sunday, September 12, 2010

30 :)

Yesterday was Eric's 30th birthday!  We had a great time celebrating with friends and family at a local restaurant.  The turnout was awesome, and the service was great, too! :)  Here are a few pics from the evening:

Addie didn't nap too well during the day with all that was happening, so she was quite confused when we dressed her in all of her orange UT attire and then showed up at a restaurant with lots of people!  She was quite the trooper, though! :)  ...and I must admit.  She was pretty stinkin' cute in that outfit... even if it was orange. :)

We attempted a few family pictures... in this one, you'll see that Addie is trying to eat my necklace and her bow.  Simultaneously.  She's talented like that.  Teething, anyone?

 My Mama helped me gather frames so that everyone could see Eric through the years... I think I had the most fun doing this!  Old photos are the best!

We did do the cheesy singing/cake thing (you're never too old for it in my book! :), and luckily, Eric had some help from his favorite niece! :)

Sibling/spouses picture :)  Obviously, this was a wee bit past Addie's bedtime. :)

T-Paw and Grandma Robbie

Mim and Poppy :)

The Wieniewitz crew :)  Trae, Abbie, Amber (and baby W :), Nonna, Papa, and Daddy Bob all came to town for the party!  Can you tell Abbie loves any reason for a party?! :)  Love that girl.

Uncle Gregg :)

 This marks the end of Addie's picture journey... she was g.o.n.e.  Sweet baby. :)

Friends... Eric is really blessed with a solid group of friends that he's known for years.  Such great people!  I'm lucky to call them my friends now, too!

Even LaToya came!  Not sure why she thinks she can get out of taking pictures.  Doesn't she know me by now?  Sheesh.

I hope you had a fun weekend, love!  I'm so lucky I get to spend each day with you.  I love being your wife and your best friend... and I love watching you with Addie!  You're such a great Daddy!  I'm glad I got to be a part of a few of your first thirty years... I'm SO thankful I get to spend your next thirty years with you!

Cue Tim McGraw song:

 "My next thirty years will be the best years of my life..."

"...raise a little family..."

"...and hang out with my wife!"

"...spend precious moments..."

"...with the ones that I hold dear..."

"...figure out just what I'm doing here in my next thirty years." :)

I love you, babe!  Can't wait to celebrate with you every year!

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Mandi Fisher said...

Hey girl - are your brother and sister-in-law expecting? I remember a while back you mentioned they were adopting so I didn't know if Baby W was a reference to baby-in-belly or baby-on-the-way....hope all is well with you guys!