Saturday, November 6, 2010

My little 9 month beauty :)

I finally took some pictures of Addie for her "official" 9 month photo shoot... now I know I have a gazillion "photo shoots" of her, but my mom and I thought of this one last weekend while she was here and I'll actually print some of these shots for our wall that shows her at every 3 months.

I loved the idea of a "dressy" photo shoot, but she's still small enough that I love nakey baby shots, too, so we met half way with the dressy bow, ruffled bloomers, and the pearls. :)  I love this pic in black and white... most pictures I like of her are in color to show her blue eyes, but this one was nice for a change. :)

Here Addie is showing how much she is ready to get moving!  It also stills shows her gummy grin... that is gone now. :(

Addie still LOVES to laugh!  She thinks we are hilarious! :)

My flash on this shot went a little nuts, but once I turned it to sepia and did a little tweaking, I think it turned out beautifully!  She really is our little angel. :)

I may be the only one who likes this one, but it's one of my faves out of the gazillion that I took.  Her skin is so soft and pure... I think this shot captures it. :)  The ruffle is pretty sweet, too!, and I love her chubby arms and little piggies sticking out at the top of the pic. :)

I had to get one of her sweet bloomers that her Aunt Audry gave her.  When I was pregnant, this was one of the first gifts I received that was monogrammed.  Seeing her name made it so much more real.  I'm pretty sure I cried when I opened them because I couldn't wait to meet her.  Addie must have heard me because about four weeks later, she was born. ha! :) Needless to say, I've been waiting patiently for her little booty to fit into them, so when I tried them on her for this shoot, I was pumped! :)

One more... I love the concentration in this pic!   Would you believe she never put the pearls in her mouth?!  I guess she saves that for her Mama's necklaces. :)


Kelly Grant said...

CUTE!! Do you edit them so that there is a black background? You take such great pictures...course she is a good subject too!

Mr. and Mrs. Jackson said...

Thanks! :) I take the pictures on a dark blanket, and then I edit w/ shadows to make it look black. :)