Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sweet girl's first Halloween :)

I'm not gonna lie.  I was some kind of excited about Addie's first Halloween!  I am not much of a Halloween person, but the thought of dressing Addie up and taking pictures of her made me happy... shocking, I know.  

Anyway, when we were trying to decide, I figured something blue would be perfect to match her sweet eyes.  So, after a google search of "blue infant halloween costumes," we have...

The World's Cutest Elephant. :)

She was absolutely adorable!  She didn't even object to having something on her head and two ears flopping around her all night!  I was so proud... 

Addie is easily distracted by pumpkins.  We may keep those guys around all year.  She is fascinated by them.

The Jacksons. :)  This picture makes my heart happy.

Couldn't you just eat her up?!  Even with her new tooth growing in (sniff sniff..), she was pretty laid-back the entire weekend!  We took her in and out of that costume, and she just went along with it. :)

Hope you had a great Halloween, too!  I'm already looking forward to picking out Addie's costume for next year!


Kyla said...

Absolutely precious!!!!!!

Kelly Grant said...

What a great costume and it DID match her beautiful eyes perfectly! She is getting teeth??? Are these the first???