Sunday, August 28, 2011

Time for gymnastics!

Addie went to her first gym class yesterday, and to say that "she loved it" is truly an understatement! She had a BLAST! Here are some pictures as proof:

Starting out on the trampoline... kinda fun, Mama!

 She loved going in and out of the bus! She kept saying, "Boos!" Love her little accent.

Walking with Daddy... she kept getting distracted by the animals. :)

 Trying to hang on the bar... I remember watching Abbie do this when she was so little, and it was fun to see her progress and get stronger. I can't wait to see Addie do this in a few months when she gets more arm strength!

 Tossing her in the air? Always a favorite. :)

Tossing her in the foam pit? Even MORE of a favorite. :) She absolutely loved it.

 Walking on the beam with Ms. Donna

Hey, I'm pretty good at this!

 The swing took them high over the foam pit... as you can see, Addie was a fan!

 Hmm... trying to figure out the zip line.

Can't see her whole face, but if the tongue is out, she's having a good time!

 Sitting like a big girl on her "square." :)

 Singing the goodbye song at the end of class

 Such a fun day!
Mama and her girl :)

Daddy and his munchkin :)

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Janelle said...

Oh my gosh, Johnell, she is too cute! I've been thinking about taking Jillian to Gymboree and now seeing your pictures, I think I may have to! Wish we lived closer so the girls could play together.