Saturday, August 20, 2011

Reasons I love my child.

Since I don't have time to really blog, I'm going to post a quick list:

1. I love that Addie must sleep with Lambie. After 18 months of trying to get her to sleep with something, she's finally chosen Lambie.

2. I love even more that when she says Lambie's name, it comes out, "Mimi." She loves her Mimi just like I loved mine.

3. I love that she yells, "Elmo!" when we go to the car... It's like he lives in there or something. That video is annoying, but she loves it.

4. I love that she says, "UP! PEASE!" really loudly when she wants me to hold her. I can't resist.

5. I love that Addie breaks out in a groovy dance when she hears any music. Contrary to popular belief, she may actually get that from me. I did dance for 20 years.

6. I love that she clings to us on the weekends. I miss her so much now that school has started. Our weekends are the best. :)

7. I love that she thinks that the microwave is called a "hot dog."  ...and I love that she thinks she is so strong when we let her open and close the "hot dog" door all by herself. :)

8. I love that her babysitter calls her a "light" in her day... 
says she makes her smile all the time.

She's a light in my days, too. :)

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