Tuesday, September 27, 2011

19 and 20 months... catching up time!

I'm just going to get right to the information. Who knows when the next time I'll get to blog will be...
I'm grateful, though. We have a busy life right now, but it's a "fun" busy. We're really blessed!

Here's the little munchkin. She's growing up, folks.

...aaand she loves cookies. :)

Weight: approx. 22 pounds
Clothes: 9 months; starting 12 months. Hallelujah!
Diaper: 3 in the day; 4 at night
Shoes: size 4
Teeth: 8 at the moment... there are tons coming in right now!

Love this pic of her "giving Addie a kiss" at bedtime. :)
She is learning something new every. single. day. She talks non-stop and pretty much repeats anything you say. These days we are practicing names of people in her life. I'm printing pictures of everyone so she can start naming all of the members in our family. There are tons, so we work on them every day in the car. :)

Addie is a hoot! She loves to play. Her favorite toys these days are her cart, her outside play fort, her car, and her baby dolls. She also loves books! 

Addie has spent a lot of time in her UT gear over the past two months. Thankfully, she looks cute in orange. :) She can say "touchdown" when Tennessee scores. Her Daddy is so proud. :)

Don't you worry. She's got her Tiger gear... and her Eagle wear, too. That pic will come next weekend when we go to her first USM game! :) Can't wait!

She loves going to "school" every day! Mrs. Jackie is so great with her... Addie does not blink an eye when I drop her off in the mornings. We are so thankful for that! In fact, in the afternoons, she waves to us and just keeps on playing! She is learning so much. She can spell her name and identify some letters. She is learning to be patient and "wait, wait, wait." She's learning how to share... not exactly her favorite thing to do, but she's getting better. :)

Addie's personality is one of my favorite things about her. She is so much fun and is so sweet to people we meet! Everywhere we go, she loves to say "hi" to people and bat those long eyelashes. I hope she always keeps such a sweet demeanor. I pray each night for the Lord to shine through her--even at this young age. I honestly think that is Him coming out in her. :)

Addie has done some traveling in the past few months. She is a fairly good traveler... hopefully, she'll do okay in the next few weeks. We've got some trips coming up and her Daddy isn't exactly excited about all of the hours in the car. :)

Addie LOVES to eat! Here she is helping herself to some salsa. :) Some of her latest favorites include cinnamon sugar toast, hot dogs, green beans, corn, carrots, macaroni and cheese, bread, cheese, chips of any kind, little debbie cakes, cookies, pizza, and chicken nuggets. Oddly enough, she's not too big of a fruit eater. I'm not sure what it is. Everyone always said that it would be harder to get her to eat her veggies. Not this girl. She will usually devour those veggies in a heartbeat. She'll eat a banana every once in a while, and she'll try fruits that the kids eat at school, but fruit is not something she prefers. Weird.

Addie has had some playdates lately. Here she is with her cousin, Knox. They played so well together during the LSU/MSU game. :) Addie just loves little kids. If she sees them when we're out, she thinks she is supposed to go play with them. It's adorable.

Addie's favorite people are Daddy and Mommy. She says our names about 38,440 times a day. :) Her sweet voice makes our hearts melt. She's even learned to say "Iwayou" (I love you). She says it to us all the time!! I can have the worst day, and hearing her say that one mushed together word those three little words makes it all go away! Being a parent is SUCH a blessing!

We love you so much! Every day with you is so much fun... watching you grow up is such a privilege. We are so lucky to call you ours!
Mama and Daddy

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