Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy birthday, Eric!

My man turned the big 3-1 on September 11. We celebrated all weekend! :)
Here we are at the first celebration spot: Bleacher's. Addie is probably making that face because I made her wear orange again. ha :)

Aw, Daddy! I'll give you a kiss!

He shared this celebration with his stepmom, Robbie. Her birthday is a few days before his. The crowd enjoyed chocolate chip cookies... the birthday folks enjoyed double doozies. :)

Celebration 2 was at O'Charley's. This crowd enjoyed a double doozie cake! I think I've perfected these. It looked delicious and everyone seemed to enjoy it... especially Eric. :)

My new favorite picture :)

Happy birthday, babe! So happy to celebrate another birthday with you! Can't wait to celebrate 70 more with you. :)

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