Friday, February 3, 2012

Sesame Street Birthday Party Decorations

Let me just say that this was such a fun party to plan! I loved the primary colors so much more than I thought... which is crazy since I have them in my classroom.

Here are some of the decorations... many of them Pinterest inspired. :)

 The food table.
I ordered most of the things I printed from a girl on Etsy called Mimi's Dollhouse. She was so easy to work with and I loved her stuff!
 Elmo held the balloons and was surrounded by some of Addie's favorite foods.

 I lucked into the big crayons at the dollar tree. Score!

 Cookie Monster keeping an eye on the cookies. :)

 Ernie and his Rubber Ducky Punch... it was easy and delicious!

 Play Zone :)

Party favors. Cheap and easy. Each child got a bag of "Dorothy" crackers (goldfish), Cookie's favorite cookies, bubbles decorated like the characters (cheap bubbles from the dollar tree and a few paint pens), and a couple of mini suckers. :)

 One of my favorite parts of the decorations... via Pinterest. Duh. I painted the bags to look like the characters. Super easy and adorable. I did print the circles for eyes and noses. Then I added tissue to each and used them to hold balloons on each table. I found cheap confetti at Party City, added a bowl of "Dorothy" crackers, and another Sesame Street friend to make a very cute table!  We borrowed the stuffed animals from friends to go with the ones that Addie already owned.

 Another table. I got the bags at Dollar Tree or Party City for dirt cheap.

 Cookie and Big Bird w/ Snuffy. :)

 Each table had a couple of primary colored balloons with an Elmo mylar balloon (that came from Dollar Tree!).

 The birthday girl's chair :)

 The cake table :)
I ordered the cake (and smash cake since she really didn't get to enjoy her 1st birthday one) from Publix. It was pretty cute! It has an Elmo, Dorothy, and a Mr. Noodle on it. :) I had intentions of making it, but I just went the easy route to save time. 
My Mama made the Cookie Monster, Big Bird, and Elmo plates (LOVE... found the idea here), Elmos held the balloons, and I made the rainbow cupcakes and topped them with cupcake toppers by Mimi's Dollhouse

Overall view. I had intentions of putting long pieces of crepe paper behind the table to make a "background" but, naturally, I ran out of time. It would have helped hide the golf course clubhouse stuff. :)

 Closeup of the cupcakes I saw on Pinterest... easy as pie. White cake mix. Divide into separate bowls. Color w/ food coloring. Spoon layers into cupcake tins. Voila. I have already bought boxes of white cake mix to use for different color cupcakes when I need something cute and fast. Valentine's Day for Addie's daycare? Yep. Red, pink, and purple. Oh, and Addie thought these were amazing. :)

 Entry table. I put the Elmo and Abby Cadabby bags on this table since they are Addie's faves right now. I framed a pic of her and framed her invite. Stacked a few wrapped presents (in S.S. paper from where else? Dollar Tree!) to add height. Also had a keepsake book for guests to sign. :)

 Close up. More confetti, too. :)

Love those bags! Thank you, Pinterest. :)

 One idea I actually thought of myself. ha :) I had a place set up for the girls to make Abby Fairy Wands. They LOVED it. :) I just got dowels, printed out stars, and brought glue, glitter and tape. Then we added some ribbons for flair. Easy Peasy. There was also a place for coloring w/ Elmo. :)

Here are two other easy stations... I found the Sesame Street tattoos at Party City for like 2 bucks. :)

It was SUCH a fun time!
I'm already excited about her 3rd birthday party! :)

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Kelly Grant said...

I love every single detail!!!!!!! Was thinking about doing a cookie monster theme for Addison's second birthday!!!! I am gonna have to steal some of your ideas if that's ok! Her birthday turned out so well and she looks like such a happy little girl!