Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Halloween with Cinderella

 Halloween this year was so much fun with an almost 3 year old who was ready for each activity! Here she is waiting patiently at the table to start carving the pumpkin the night before Halloween. :)

 She was ready to dig into the pumpkin... but only for a little while.

Addie was much more comfortable using the pretty pink spoon. :)

 The finished products... Daddy carved Cinderella while Mommy carved her name. :)

 Pretty girl ready for school on Halloween day :)

 After school, we got dressed and ready to go. I asked Cinderella to pose for some pictures, and she said, "Mama, Cinderella likes to dance like this!" Love the joy on her sweet face. (As you can see, she loves carrying her babies with her. We decided not to take Sara trick-or-treating because she would get too cold. :)

 To say Addie liked trick-or-treating is an understatement! She LOVED every minute of it!

She was so brave going from door to door (once she figured out that all she had to say was a few words and they gave her candy!). Each time she got something, she would say thank you and turn around, pull the candy back out, and show us like she'd hit the lottery! It was ridiculously adorable. :)

Daddy and his little princess :)

 Mama and her girl :)

Hard to believe that next Halloween we'll have two little ones! Craziness.

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