Tuesday, November 20, 2012

County Fair

These posts are all out of order, but oh well... at least I'm posting, yes? :)

Addie had a great time at this year's county fair!
 Here she is ready to go! She enjoyed people watching from her stroller for a while. There is always plenty of that to do at the Williamson County Fair. :)

 She had fun playing all of the games and getting a prize each time!

 Skee ball was hilarious! Definitely need to steer clear when Lefty is getting ready to throw...

 She finally figured out the trick to throwing it in the actual lane. :)

 By far, her favorite part was the area for kids that showed the different things farmers to do help us.

 She could have brushed the sheep all day long.

Digging is fun, too!

 Fun with Mommy at the end :)

Kind of a blurry pic, but still sweet... she LOVED the fireworks at the end of the night! :)

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