Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Thursday's Baby :)

Each week, Baptist highlights the first baby born on Thursday. We always enjoyed seeing who it would be in the weeks Addie was in the hospital. Little did we know that our second girl would actually get to be Thursday's Baby! :)

 These displays are all over the hospital for the entire week! Everyone got to see how beautiful our baby girl is! :) The portrait studio in the hospital took pictures of her the day she was born. We got a few free copies of this sweet pic!

Here are Papa and proud Big Sister Addie showing one of the displays! Addie was so excited each time we passed one in the hallways!

A local news station also came and did a short video of Ava to play on the Thursday news! Ava did a great job on her television debut! They are supposed to be sending us a clip soon and I'll try to get it on here!

What a fun memory! It made our experience even more special!

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