Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ava's Hospital Visitors

We are so blessed. That's all there is to it.

For starters, we had the most adorable baby and our experience was beyond amazing... but we also had so many people there at the hospital with us to be a part of Ava's special day! I remember feeling this same way in the midst of Addie's trials... thinking how undeserving we were of people's love, support, prayers, dinners, gifts... I felt the exact same way starting the day I went into labor with Ava. Her first few days in this world (and all of the days following) were filled with people who love her! How amazing is that?! Praise Jesus!

 Daddy couldn't get enough of his new girl!

 Nonna and her namesake :)

 Such a sweet moment! Nonna and Papa saved the day and spoiled Addie while we stayed in the hospital! :)

Papa and his fourth granddaughter :)

 Mim and her namesake :)

Poppy and granddaughter #2

 T-Paw and Ava :)

 Grandma Robbie and Ava :)

Granny and her newest great-granddaughter :)

 Kyle happened to be in town the week she was born, and we are so grateful! He watched Addie for us the night we were in labor! Addie had so much fun with Uncle Kyle! :)

 They made fun of me for wanting to take this picture, but they will be glad to have it one day! :)

 Aunt Katie also helped with Addie... like she does for us so often! So thankful for her! :)

 Juju came to love on her new niece!

Toh came, too! :)

My brother and his family came and stayed with us the next weekend. The girls had a blast together and loved meeting Ava! :)

I'll have to get those pictures from my mom!

More friends who came to meet Ava!

 Jen and Libby Kate came by!

 Mrs. Audry couldn't wait to meet her!

Mr. Jim and Ava

Sweet Laura loves to hold her!

 ...and so does Dean!

The Campbells :) 

 Mrs. Julie :)

 Mrs. Kyla :)

Aunt Sue :)

The Sterles (pre-Stella :)

Thank you so much to everyone who came by or called! We are so thankful for each of you and loved seeing and talking to everybody! :) What a memorable time for us... I can't wait to show Ava this post one day!

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