Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ava: Four Months Old! :)

Here is our little punkin at 4 months:
Seriously. Can't get enough of her.
I'll have official stats after her well visit, but here are my guesses:
Weight: around 12 1/2 pounds
Length: 23 inches
Clothes: 3 months (starting some 6 months if they run small); all pajamas are 6 months for baby long legs :)
Diapers: size 1

This month has been so much fun! Ava has really started to get into a great routine and a PRECIOUS personality! She wakes up between 6 and 7 these days... and she just wakes up happy! I love that! We hear her on the monitor just talking away and when we go in, she is so excited! :) She has breakfast and plays for about an hour or so and takes a good nap in the morning. She wakes up for lunch around 11:30 or 12 and is up for a few hours. This is her best play time. Usually, she goes down for an afternoon nap by 2, but here lately she has just been taking little cat naps throughout the afternoon. That could be because we are always on the go so it's hard to get a good afternoon nap... or I think it may be her teeth bothering her. Either way, she's usually fine to be awake as long as she still has her Zantac for her reflux. Don't ever forget that stuff. Oye. I made that mistake the other night and we were gone longer than expected. Epic Mom Fail. Never again. We are putting a serving of her medicine in my purse so we can avoid that situation if at all possible! :) Anyway, she takes her bath between 8-9 and is usually out shortly after that. She either wakes up once to eat or not at all. She is sleeping really well lately considering the teething...

Speaking of teething... Ava constantly has her hands in her mouth just grabbing her gums. I honestly hate this for her just like I did with Addie. I mean, it has to hurt! :( Now that Ava can hold things, that has helped. She can grab some things and get them to her mouth (teethers, toys, etc.) and when she can't, she will let us hold it so she can chew on it for a while. God love her. I know this phase will last a long time... I just pray that we can find something to make her feel better through it all. :)

Ava loves to laugh now! Quite possibly the cutest thing you've ever seen... she's doing very well following objects and voices and she always watch you walk away or walk into the room. She can focus on her videos for about 20 minutes these days and she loves playing on her playmat, too. Tummy time is not her favorite, but it's getting better! No rolling yet, but plenty of holding that big ole melon up and looking around! :)

Her exersaucer has helped a lot with head control! She loves looking up at the toys and pressing the buttons. I can't believe she's already big enough for it! :( Time is flying!

Check out that concentration! :)

This month, Ava went on her first road trip. We drove to Mississippi for the week of the Fourth of July, and Ava did great! We only had to stop a couple of times each way, so in my book, it was a win! I sat in the back with the girls and entertained them. :) I love the pics in this collage. She was in a happy mood!

The trip was fun for both girls! Addie had a blast since her cousins were there and she was spoiled by my mom and dad... and Ava seemed to love being there, as well. :) We did a lot of relaxing since it rained all but one day we were there. We did get some swimming and boat riding in, too. Very fun! :) Most of our pics are on my mom's camera. I'll have to do a separate post. :)

I did get some pics of her at 3 months in one of my favorite outfits of Addie's. :) Love this girl.

Happy baby!

Grabby Grabberson.

Sweet Ava...
Love you more than words, sister.

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