Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Trip to the Sip

We had so much fun spending an entire week in MS for the Fourth of July! I love everything about being home... the heat and humidity, the smell of salty air, the feeling of being in the house I grew up in, watching my kids play in the pool that I played in years ago... all of it. :)
My mom has a lot of pictures on her camera that I need to get, but here are some from my phone for now:
I love comparing pictures of the girls! Our friend, Liz, made this precious outfit for Addie. She is on the top in the summer of 2010 at my parents' house... Ava is on the bottom this summer at my parents' house. :)
A few shots from our time there... it rained all of the days except one, so we had to get creative. :) We went to an indoor water park, played tons of games inside, went bowling, made beignets... tons of fun!
We were able to go out on my dad's new boat one day! Addie loved it! :)
A few pics of Addie with her favorite cousins... top left is when we went to visit Daddy Bob, middle left is watching our own fireworks show, bottom left is making beignets, and right is my fave: Addie and Lexi listening to Papa tell a story! :)
My sweet travelers. They did an awesome job on the 7 hour trips! So proud of them! :)
...and finally, the many happy faces of Ava Rae! Love it.

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