Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ava: Five Months Old! :)

 Five months of cuteness!
I love this little bundle of pure joy! This month has been so much fun watching her grow and learn. Here are her stats:
Weight: *
Length: *
Diaper size: 1
Clothes: 3-6 month; 6 month pajamas

Holy Cow. What a month! She has changed SO much! She is sitting in her bumbo every day, holding her sweet head up, and interacting with anyone who passes by! She is a people watcher and that makes it so much easier to take her places. She faces forward in her stroller now, and she is experiencing a whole new world (cue Aladdin soundtrack). 

Tummy time is still one of her least favorite times. It's better because her belly doesn't hurt as much anymore but I don't think she looks forward to it. :) She can hold her head up and move it from side to side... and she's oh-so-close to rolling over. I'm in no rush whatsoever. She's my baby and I am okay keeping her that way for a little while longer. It won't be long before she's moving everywhere. Eek! :)

This skill has changed her life! ha :) Ava loves to grab! If you put it in front of her, consider it hers. She always ends up with clumps of Mama's hair in her hands by the end of every day! She is so much more coordinated now when she holds her toys and pacifier.

Bath time = Fun time!
Ava loves this time with her Daddy and Sister. Eric gets home just in time for dinner most nights, so he gets to play with them during bath time. They have so much fun! Addie is such a helper and loves to read stories to Ava and share her bath toys. 

Miss Personality.
Seriously, she is the happiest baby now that we got her tummy issues figured out. She is still nursing and has started solids (more on that next month). I cut out dairy and it made a HUGE difference in her quality of life. She is way more comfortable after her meals and she sleeps much better these days. According to her pediatrician, she's not allergic to dairy, but she just is super sensitive to it. He said we'll gradually work it back into her diet as she grows. For now, I'm staying away from it... especially since she's teething. That's enough pain for a baby in itself. :(

Speaking of eating... Ava is quite the fan of solids! We started with rice cereal, and her tummy couldn't handle it. I switched her to oatmeal and she LOVED it! I mean, I could not get it to her mouth fast enough. We tried a couple of veggies and she really just preferred the oatmeal and she kept it in her mouth easier.

Two things about this pic:
1. Ava loves the exersaucer. Her sweet little feet finally reach the bottom and she has figured out almost all of the toys. 
2. She always, always, always makes sure Addie is close by. It is so sweet to see how much these girls love each other. I know they'll go through phases like all siblings do, but for now, I am soaking up every moment.

You are our sunshine.
We love you more and more each day! We thank God for you!
Mama, Daddy, and Addie

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