Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Addie Update

My Addie girl is now 6! Can't believe it. From this:

to this:

This girl is amazing! Here are some fun facts about her:
-She is an awesome Biggest Sister. She loves Ava and Aubrey, constantly makes sure they are okay, plays so well with Ava, helps us feed and take care of Aubrey... you name it, she's (usually) willing to help! :)

-Addie LOVES kindergarten! She goes to the school where I used to teach, so she was very excited to see all of my friends when she started back in August. Plus, it's just an awesome school. Her teacher, Mrs. Reckman, has been the perfect match for my sensitive soul of a child. She's gone above and beyond to help Addie continue to grow this year. Ad's reading and math levels astonish me on a daily basis... and as a teacher, I know how hard it is to meet the needs of students like her, so all of  her teacher's efforts have been very appreciated. Addie loves to learn, and that's all I need. :)

-She has been dancing at Children's Ballet Theater this year and loves it! She performed in "The Nutcracker" in December (right after Aubrey was born!) and was just the cutest mouse. Now she is preparing for the spring performance.

-So far, Addie has lost 6 teeth! Crazy. She still gets a little antsy when they are about to fall out, but she's getting better... and the poor Tooth Fairy must be tired of leaving her money at our house! :) Addie's sweet smile right now looks like a jack-o-lantern... some growing in, some not... some straight, some not... :)

Some of her other loves include:
My Little Ponies
Disney princesses
making cards for people
going to church and life group
salads (cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, and dressing)
Fun Dips (ha!)
riding her scooter or bike
playing outside with the neighborhood friends
playing Go Fish
playing any board game
reading to Ava and Aubrey
playing the iPad or Kindle Fire

As you can see, this girl is growing up before our eyes. She weighed around 45 lbs at her check up and is just about 4 feet tall. Sometimes I watch her sleep and can't believe what a miracle she is. You would never know what she went through when she was born. Testimony to God's protection and faithfulness? I think so.

You are my favorite 6 year old! I hope you always have such joy in your heart! I just LOVE you to pieces!

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